1967 Sabra at the 2013 Scarsdale Concours

Sabra Front

Here’s some news for you.  At one point Israel had a short stint building cars.  No, not tanks or army Jeeps.  They had a little sports car they could call their very own.  This car, shown here at the Scarsdale Concours last fall, is called the Sabra.  This is a 1967 model.  The Sabra was named because the colloquial meaning of the phrase in Hebrew is “born in Israel” and the cactus logo is known as the “sabra”.  Israel manufactured another car before this known as the Sussita–Yitzhak Shubinksy requested Reliant Auto produce a small sports car (yes, the same Reliant Auto that produced the hilariously incompetent Reliant Robin and Reliant Regal), which they did in a scant 9 months’ time.  Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War in 1967, production was cut short.  A total of just 171 were made during its life, and a scant 41 made it to the United States.  The owner was gracious enough to show it at the Scarsdale Concours this past fall.  While it isn’t the prettiest car in the world (far from it), it is certainly unique and drew a solid crowd of its own that afternoon.  Enjoy the pictures. Read the rest of this entry »

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Lamborghini Murcielago LP-670 SV at Festivals of Speed, Amelia Island

Lamborghini LP-670 SV FOS 1

One of the stars of the Festivals Of Speed, Amelia Island this year was this bright orange Lamborghini Murcielago LP-670 SV. There were a number of flashy Lambos vying for attention on the show field, but somehow this “Super Veloce” edition of the Murcielago always seemed to stop people in their tracks.

This bull is a beast. With a 661hp 6.5L V12 under its hood, it can hit 60mph in 3 seconds flat, blast through the 1/4 mile in 11.2 seconds, and go on to a v-max of 209-213mph (depending on the aero settings). In addition to its incredible performance, the SV is a proper Lambo with all of the “machine guns” fitted, as Clarkson likes to say. It has that silly-awesomeness that seems to give it a strong gravitational pull on everyone’s attention. The SV is also an extremely rare bird with just 350 units produced, however there are rumors that as few as 186 units were actually produced before the factory had to be revised for Aventador production.

It is always awesome to be in the presence of a Lamborghini of this caliber. Bella Machina!

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Chevrolet Nova SS-396 at the Hollywood Car Auction, Amelia Island

Chevrolet Nova SS396 Front

At the same auction where the Hudsons were sold, this very clean 1969 Chevrolet Nova SS396 eagerly awaited a new buyer.  It looked smart and professionally restored, with a 396ci V8, manual transmission, gorgeous black interior, and a black vinyl roof, topped off with redline tires and Rally wheels.  Unfortunately, this Nova didn’t sell at the auction and at this time I am still unaware if the car has changed hands.  That said, this is one of the straightest, cleanest late-Sixties Novas I have seen in a very long period of time.  Enjoy the photos. Read the rest of this entry »

Alfa Romeo 2600 Coupe spotted in Englishtown, NJ

Alfa Romeo 2600 Coupe

There’s something special about the allure of this classic Alfa Romeo that made me put a halt to my busy day for a few minutes so I could snap a few photos of it. I cannot pretend to be an expert on every nuance of the Alfa Romeo brand of this era, but my online research has told me that this car is a 1960′s (1963?) Alfa Romeo 2600 Coupe.

I spotted it just sitting there on my way from Waterfest last summer to another car show later that evening. I don’t know if the owner intentionally left it out for car show attendees to enjoy, or if it was there for some other reason, but it managed to captivate me in the setting of that day. The car had a wonderful patina to it that made it seem that much more special. I had to capture it.


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The Subaru Baja From Hell, Reviewed!

Subaru Baja From Hell by Area1320

This is a heavily modified, fire breathing example of Subaru’s lukewarm Outback-pickup-thing, which they called the Baja. It belongs to my friend, Rob, who has spent the last eight years corrupting every last inch of this once awkward and unassuming ‘Ute toward the dark side of The Force.

Why… Just why?

Because things like this need to exist. Subaru never made a blood thirsty rally version of the Baja, so Rob has taken it upon himself to make one.

What is the main thing I need to know about the Baja From Hell?

It is different, and its entire identity revolves around being so. Rob’s Baja is a car that is bursting at the seams with “special” and it has proven able to draw a sizable crowd at any sort of automotive gathering.

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Ferrari 212 Export Berlinetta by Touring at Amelia Island


While I was waiting to sign up to drive a Porsche, and while Nick was busy driving the bewitching new SRT Viper, I spent most of my brisk Florida morning at Amelia Island chasing after cars that were entering the hotel grounds.  While I was running around, I found myself chasing down this gorgeous little number.  This marks only the second time I’ve found myself close to a 212, one of the first well-known cars Ferrari produced.  This particular car is a 212 Export Berlinetta wearing its original Touring coachwork in a deep, rich burgundy hue with a rather Spartan tan interior, wire wheels, and details that kept my attention for a solid amount of time.  It may have been parked among a Lamborghini Aventador, Porsche 918, and a Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona, but the little 212 had absolutely no problem drawing a crowd to itself in front of the Ritz-Carlton. Enjoy the photos.

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A look at the Koenigsegg One:1′s epic rear wing

Drive takes us inside Koenigsegg, this time showcasing the One:1′s revolutionary top (or rather front) mounted rear spoiler.




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