Jay Leno Drives The Unbelievable Lamborghini LM002

Lambo’s LM002, or the “Rambo Lambo” as it was called, is a totally insane machine that somehow actually got produced.

It’s a Hummer-like military SUV with a supercar’s V12 under the hood. Just listen to the sound it makes!

Whatever fantasy car lists we all have, this should definitely be on it.



The Admiral’s blue Ferrari 500 Mondial

This gorgeous bright blue 1955 Ferrari 500 Mondial is one of very few  4 cylinder Ferrari racing cars ever built. Petrolicious does a magnificent job of featuring the story of this machine and its owner.

We actually had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Admiral Phillips back in 2011 at the Radnor Hunt Concours. He was great, and shared every detail we could imagine with us that day, so it’s awesome seeing him and his 500 Mondial now in a feature film like this.



This is Finally it! Chris Harris Tests the Porsche 918 vs the LaFerrari vs the McLaren P1!

After long last, we now have the hypercar comparison test we’ve all been waiting for!

Porsche 918 vs. Ferrari LaFerrari vs. McLaren P1

Chris makes sure to show how they went about the test using the proper methodology, in an effort to produce fair, uncontested results.

The video is around 50 minutes, but well worth the time. So sit back and enjoy this ultimate hypercar showdown!


Crazy Dodge Dart Spotted outside First Class Fitment

Digital Dodge Dart First Class Fitment

We found this insane Dodge Dart in the parking lot of First Class Fitment. I’m not exactly sure what its fancy wrap is supposed to be (digital camo or something?) but it certainly catches the eye.

Save for its massive non-functional shopping cart spoiler, I really liked this Dart’s style.

Well done!


When an engine seizes, what can cause it? Find out here.

Hot Rod Garage has morphed in a favorite show of mine over on YouTube, simply because of the subject matter covered, and the way in which it is covered. Here, Tony Angelo, proud owner of a matching numbers (same engine as what ended up in the car at the factory) 1971 Dodge Demon 340 in lime green, diagnoses why his engine seized up solid after attempting to break in a new camshaft. While this has never happened to me because I’ve never done serious engine work to a car in my posession, there’s a lot to learn here about what sort of places to look to find the causes of engine seizure, as well as how to make the right repairs. This show’s been going for a few years now from Hot Rod Magazine–and Tony’s a great host. So take a few minutes on your lunch break to watch–plenty to learn.

-Albert S. Davis

Meet the “Fiata”, or Fiat 124 Spider as they call it

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ve all know that Fiat was working on a new Spider for a while now, and that it would be based on the new ND chassis Mazda Miata. Well now it’s for real, and we’re calling it the “Fiata!”

Now, officially, the new Fiat roadster is called the Fiat 124 Spider. It is an homage to the classic Fiat 124 Spider, which was built from the mid 1960s until the mid 1980s. I’d say its styling does the old design justice…


As for the new Fiata, you can think of it as an ND Mazda Miata with a 500 Abarth engine swap done to it. Under the hood it shares the same growly 1.4L turbocharged four cylinder engine as the Abarth. It makes the same 160hp and 184 ft/lbs of torque. Not a huge horsepower leap over the figures of the Miata’s 2.0L SkyActive engine, but it will have a wider powerband thanks to all that turbo torque.

Everything else is similar, or even exactly the same as in the Miata. There are automatic and manual transmission options, as well as sporty and more luxury-focused models. The Fiat also weighs about 100 lbs more than the ND Miata, and will likely be positioned slightly up-market.

So what should we think of the Fiata?

Having just recently driven an ND Miata (review coming soon), I can attest that the platform of this car is fantastic.

I like the new 124 Spider’s styling a lot, but I was hoping for something a little more drop-dead-gorgeous. I get that they were going for the retro look, though, so maybe it’ll “pop” more for me when I see one in person.

I think the real deciding factor that will draw many to the Fiata over the Miata will be the power potential from that turbocharged Abarth engine.

Continue reading Meet the “Fiata”, or Fiat 124 Spider as they call it

Lexus IS-F Modification and “Tuning” Guide


So I’m considering the possibility of purchasing a Lexus IS-F in the next few months, and I’ve been doing a lot of research. (I guess I was just inspired by the Lexus RC-F I recently reviewed) In addition to looking into the car’s seemingly stellar long term quality and reliability, I’ve been checking out what sort of extra performance can be extracted from it.

Now, the stock IS-F may well be enough for me, but it’s always nice to know how much more power I could have should I want it. So here’s what I’ve found…

Continue reading Lexus IS-F Modification and “Tuning” Guide

1971 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible at the 2015 Radnor Hunt Concours

1971 Corvette Stingray Front//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

It seemed like this year in particular, there were plenty of great representatives from the muscle car era at the Radnor Hunt Concours. When I think of the C3 Corvette, I usually come up with the late 1960s models like the ZL-1 and the L88 series cars with the 427. For whatever reason, probably because this engine was so famous for being the big option in the Chevelle SS, I occasionally forget about the 454 being an option in the ‘Vette after it launched in 1970. Continue reading 1971 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible at the 2015 Radnor Hunt Concours

JDM Heaven at First Class Fitment

Nissan R34 Skyline First Class Fitment

There were plenty of awesome Japanese performance cars at First Class Fitment 2015, including two Nissan Skylines and a few FD Mazda RX7s, among others. It was a nice slice of JDM heaven with a little extra stance sprinkled on top.

Enjoy our highlights from the Land of the Rising Sun!

Continue reading JDM Heaven at First Class Fitment

Make sure you never get a raise again with this ’03 Maserati Spyder for Just $19,995!!!

Used Maserati Spyder

Does your boss drive a nice car after working hard for years and years climbing the career ladder? Well now it’s time to beat them at life while you’re still lower-middle management!

Just imagine the look on their face when you pull up next to them, 5 minutes late, in your shiny new (to you) Maserati Spyder. Sure, they may have paid the full $80,000 on their brand new generic Audi or Mercedes, but theirs doesn’t say “Maserati” on it like your new chariot does.

What’s more, this pleasure of showing up your superiors comes at a price of JUST $19,995. You can’t even get a Honda Civic with a pleather interior for that much, but you can get this 170 mph Italian stallion. With its sporty paddle shifters, you’ll be driving around like Mario Andretti!

Okay, maybe there are other cars out there that get more than 10 MPG. And maybe there are other cars where 30,000 miles isn’t considered “high mileage” from a servicing standpoint. Maybe a Honda dealer wouldn’t charge $500 for an oil change. And maybe everything in a Civic would still work 6 months after you bought it.

So what?

Do you really want to wait until you’ve proven yourself to have the status you already know you deserve?

Why go through all that crap when instant gratification is right at your fingertips? Just do it!

Fitty Cent drives a Maserati, and now you can too!

By purchasing this sleek pasta-rocket, you’re taking the short cut to the top in life. Successful people will treat you as one of their own, and all the losers from your high school will be super jelly on Facebook and Instagram.

Life is all about scoring points, so go for the grand slam!

Used Maserati Rear Used Maserati Interior Used Maserati Side

1963 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 at the Concours of America 2015

1963 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Front//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

This isn’t just any run-of-the-mill split window Sting Ray. C2 Sting Rays are probably the most highly sought-after Corvettes of the brand’s sixty-plus year history, but the 1963 model can claim fame as quite a great story. The split window was a one-year option on the 1963 model year only, and that this is a Z06 and a development mule makes our featured car here a great story itself. Continue reading 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 at the Concours of America 2015


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