Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser spotted in Carmel, CA

1972 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser Front

While Nick was busy walking to the rental car after we got done taking photos at Bonhams, I was busy trying to line up a shot of a rather humorous “YOLO” style plate on a Lamborghini Gallardo when one of my all-time favorite early-Seventies pieces of Americana rolled into view. These guys were a cool bunch, and when I asked them the most important question of “What’s under the hood?” they simply said it was running a 455 cubic inch big block V8. Frankly, when it comes to an early Seventies Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser, a 455 is the most acceptable engine in a most classy way to transport your groovy Seventies clan. Combine that with a good looking light blue, wood simulation on the sides, and the great sunlight of Central California in August, and the recipe for fun is nearly complete. Enjoy the photos. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale spotted in Carmel, CA

Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale Carmel

This track-ready Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale was sighted amongst the craziness of Carmel during Monterey Car Week. Still one of the best sounding V8 Ferraris out there.


Mk. 1 Mini Cooper S and 1973 Alfa Romeo 1600 Junior Zagato spotted in Carmel, CA

Mini and Alfa Zagato

In Carmel during Monterey Car Week, one of the best things to do to unwind after a entire day of chasing race cars at Laguna Seca is to find a nice spot on Ocean Avenue and take pictures of all the unique and exotic machines that come out to play during the weekend. Sometimes, while taking pictures, I end up with a two-for-one special, and when it’s a 1970s Alfa Romeo with Zagato lines and a first-series Mini, it’s hard to avoid attempting to get them in one picture. While the colors aren’t quite as striking as they might have been in their day, these classics stood out really well against the rip-snorting Ferrari 458s and Lamborghini Gallardos that dominate the evenings out here during the third week in August. Enjoy the photos of this original Mini and Junior Zagato, and take a good look at that license plate frame: “Kiss French, Drive Italian.” I concur. Read the rest of this entry »

Motor Trend tests the new Challenger Hellcat

Motor Trend’s Carlos Lago gets behind the wheel of the new Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. He also puts it on a chassis dyno where it puts down some very consistent numbers over multiple runs….. the magic number, around 670rwhp. So, either the folks at Dodge have found a way to break the laws of physics with a miniscule 5% drivetrain loss through an automatic gearbox, or the Hellcat may be a little underrated, even at 707hp. But hey, I don’t think anyone will complain.

The Hellcat seems an outstanding machine. Enjoy the video!


Highlights from the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Part 2

Pebble Beach 2014 Ferrari 375 MM Scaglietti Coupe Best In Show

Here is part 2 of our highlights from the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. This was the first time a Ferrari has ever won best in show (see above), as well as a very uncommon occurrence where a post-war car takes the top honor.

Enjoy the photos of these incredible cars!

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The Jaguar XE might be one of the most important launches from the brand in decades.


Jaguar has been, over the past five years, transformed dramatically. What was once a struggling, traditional English luxury car company with limited cash from a cash-strapped Ford Motor Company has been injected with fresh funding from Tata Motors and fresh talent from all over the industry. This half-decade has turned the brand into a styling powerhouse, with more than just a few great models on their stage. The XJ has been turned into a sleek animal of a flagship sedan, where a stodgy and outdated sedan once stood. The rise of the F-Type coupe and roadster mark the end of the line for the XK series, which despite its best efforts was always rather second fiddle to the king of its segment (I think it begins with the letter P). Finally, the XF has exorcised the demons of the frumpy and unappealing S-Type, for better much than for worse. However, I’m here to talk about the car that I think is going to bring the Jaguar name from an afterthought to the front of our minds: the new XE. Read the rest of this entry »

Autocar tries out the new Lexus RC F

Autocar’s Steve Sutcliffe takes the new Lexus RC F for a spin. Looks like a lot of fun!



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