EVO: McLaren F1 vs McLaren P1 #DreamTest

The folks at EVO Magazine have managed to put together a legendary dream road test, pitting the new McLaren P1 hypercar against the legendary McLaren F1.

It’s an epic showdown between the analogue and the digital. But the real question is, can the P1 even come close?



Ferrari F430 Spider Spotted in New Hope, PA

Ferrari F430 Spider New Hope PA

Out enjoying the beautiful weather in New Hope, PA, I stumbled upon this bright red Ferrari F430 Spider sitting in the playhouse parking lot. As you might expect, it was attracting a decent amount of attention. Lots of other tasty cars out cruising around yesterday as well. Enjoy!


For $6,800, Would You Buy An Elio or Something Else?

Elio Motors Price Game

Our article on Elio Motors has been getting some decent buzz, and it’s inspired me to do a special, Elio Motors edition price game.

This is just for fun, but it’s also meant to illustrate the reality of the Elio’s $6,800 price. There are no other brand new cars even close to that range, and there sure as hell isn’t anything that will touch 80 MPG.

But with all that said, pretend you have $6,800 ready to spend. Do you buy yourself an Elio? Or do you scour the used car classifieds and find something a little faster or more practical?

See our picks below, and share yours in the comments…

Continue reading For $6,800, Would You Buy An Elio or Something Else?

The Lincoln Continental: Grandpa Irving’s Lincoln, No Longer.

Lincoln Continental Concept Front Angle

Lincoln hasn’t been making dramatic, sexy, or even remotely attention-grabbing cars for some years now. In fact, all of their products since the LS was taken out behind the barn have been rebadged Fords. 9 years of nothing but rebadged Fords and mediocrity. Finally, though, there is hope from the land of Town Cars, Mark Series, and Zephyrs. The new Continental concept is a genuine breath of fresh air from Lincoln–it’s not a reskinned Ford with a toupee. Continue reading The Lincoln Continental: Grandpa Irving’s Lincoln, No Longer.

Calling It Early: The Cadillac CT6 is Really the CTS Replacement

Cadillac CT6 Calling It

This isn’t any sort of official “scoop”, more of an educated hunch. But I think I can see a lot of where Cadillac is going to be headed in the next few years from the details of the CT6 alone. This hunch came about when I heard that Cadillac had announced it would be killing off the XTS, CTS, and ATS in the next few years.

You see, everyone seems to think that the CT6 is going to be a BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S-Class competitor, but Now I can see how it won’t be. In fact it is effectively the replacement for both the current CTS and XTS, and it represents an entirely new approach for the Cadillac brand. One which they will be expanding upon in the coming years. Here is how I have come to this idea.

  1. The CT6 has the same engine options as the CTS and BMW 5 Series, not a BMW 7 Series
  2. Nobody is going to pay $70k for the 4-banger CT6, so it will need to overlap the CTS’s pricing.
  3. It may have many similar dimensions to a 7 Series, but it weighs the same as a 5 series
  4. Cadillac keeps claiming their S-Class and 7 Series competitor is still to come. So the CT6 has to be lower.

What we can pull from this is not only that the CT6 is really the CTS successor, but also Cadillac’s new approach to making cars…. and that is “Bigger and Better.”

Look at the Cadillac CT6 compared to the BMW 5 Series. It weighs the same, it will have similar prices, and, with similar engines, will have similar performance. But the CT6 also offers cabin space and many luxury features generally reserved the class above. With the CT6, Cadillac is offering a BMW 5 Series rival, but with the luxury of a BMW 7 Series. It is literally bigger and better than a 5er.

I think Cadillac will apply this approach to all of their new models, offering luxury and space that is above the norm for each segment. It completely explains their obsession with making their cars light weight, so they can offer more tangible size than the competition, without sacrificing performance or fuel economy.

The ATS and CTS have both received complaints for being too small for their class, in terms of cabin space. Plainly, being cramped has never been the Cadillac way. That is probably why they are saying there will be no direct successors to the CTS and ATS, because those models are “Smaller and Better”, not “Bigger and Better.”

We can likely expect the effective ATS replacement to be called the CT4, and likely be around the size of a BMW 5 Series with the weight of a 3 Series. The CT6 is basically replacing the CTS, as explained above. Finally, the Big Daddy Caddy will likely dubbed the CT8. It should offer Rolls Royce and Bentley levels of luxury for the price of a BMW 7 Series or Mercedes S-Class.

Why hasn’t Cadillac just called the CT6 the CTS’s replacement? Because they just brought out the new CTS two years ago, and they’d still like to be able to sell them. It’s common knowledge that you don’t badmouth your own product. That’s what us bloggers are for, to call things as they are.

If I’m right, and this new “Bigger and Better” approach is for real, then Cadillac is back!

-Nick Walker

The Cadillac CT6 just told you to Go Home and Get ya F***ing Shinebox!

Cadillac CT6 Front

If Cadillac has any chance of surviving as a luxury brand on this Earth, they needed a flagship.  The XTS is a rental queen that’s only here so they have something to sell to livery fleets that’s FWD.  The CTS is nice, but too small to be a true flagship.  Luckily for us, GM had an ace in its hand–the new Omega platform.  Cadillac’s been teasing us since 2011 for a flagship model to launch, and now, that day has come.   Welcome, and welcome all, to the new Cadillac CT6. Continue reading The Cadillac CT6 just told you to Go Home and Get ya F***ing Shinebox!

Tesla’s Ticket Avoidance Mode (April Fools, but we wish not)

Tesla released their 691hp Model S P85D with an “Insane Mode.” Any company that would be so honestly bold with their products definitely has a sense of humor. Now the Model S can actually drive itself, and to highlight the car’s capability they released their new “Ticket Avoidance Mode” on April 1st. A gag, surely, but how great would it be if it were a real feature of the car?


Galpin GTR1 Spotted in Monterey, CA

Galpin GTR1 Spotted in Monterey California

When we saw this Galpin GTR1 out rolling on the streets of Monterey, we flipped out, thinking it was a concept for a new Ford GT. Utilizing our smart phones, we quickly realized that our memories were quite fuzzy. We knew we recognized the car from somewhere, and, as it turns out, this Galipin GTR1 was released at Pebble Beach in 2013, so we had seen it before.

This spot was made no less awesome once we realized it was a Galpin, though, as the Galpin GTR1 is about as exotic as cars come. Galpin initially only planned to make as many as 24 GTR1s total, but I’m not sure how many have actually been built to date.

Based in California, Galpin Auto Sports sells customized vehicles as a subsidiary of Galpin Motors, which is the number one volume selling Ford dealership in the world. Also of note, Galpin Auto Sports was the shop featured in the 5th and 6th seasons of MTV’s Pimp My Ride.

The GTR1 is based on the Ford GT, but the engine has been heavily modified to over 1000hp, and the interior and exterior have been significantly revised. The car is really quite something, and it definitely dropped our jaws for the few seconds we were able to see it out in the real world, before it disappeared into a hotel car park.

-Nick Walker

Road Review: 2015 Chevrolet Camaro 2LT/RS Convertible (Grade: C)

As most of you all know, I spent a weekend in Florida in February. When you’re in South Florida, mass transportation is not really a “thing” like it is in the Northeast where I live year-round. When you’re staying with family and need to get around, a rental car is job number one, considering that at my age, it wouldn’t be right to rely on others for getting places. As a result, I embarked on a journey to find a decent deal on a cheap rental. It took just five minutes to figure out that as an AAA member, I could get deals on rentals—and Thrifty was only more than willing to provide. When all the papers were signed, I had spent just 400 dollars—on a convertible. In South Florida, where this rental level is always a high-demand product, I expected to be priced out of the market. Instead, I got one for the price of a subcompact at a five-day rate. Suckers…giving a 25-year-old a convertible that said “Ford Mustang or similar.” Thrifty said, “Take any Ford Mustang you want.” I looked for twenty minutes, then had to ask “Where’s the Mustangs?

They had none left (Thrifty, advertise what you have, not what you don’t), but when I asked the old man at the counter in the lot about the Cadillac CTS and the Camaro convertible sitting front of the booth, he simply said after checking my reciept from the counter, “Just take it, no extra charge.” I dropped my luggage and jacket in the trunk, threw the Camaro in gear, and set off to my grandmother’s condo. As I drove it from Fort Lauderdale International to the great city of Boca Raton (where I was the youngest man driving a convertible for miles and miles), I asked myself a question: “Can the V6 Camaro Convertible be a lot more than just a rental car, or only that?” A few days, a tank of gas, plenty of bugs in the mouth, and a few beers later, I had found an answer. Continue reading Road Review: 2015 Chevrolet Camaro 2LT/RS Convertible (Grade: C)

Motor Trend Pits The McLaren P1 Against The Porsche 918

This test is a total and complete pipe dream! Two of the world’s ultimate hypercars pitted against one another on the track. Porsche supplied a 918 Spyder without hesitation, and McLaren sent their team to support the privately-owned P1. Of course, Ferrari was too scared of being embarrassed to allow a LaFerrari to join the test.

Who will win? See for yourself….



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