Lamborghini Aventador Roadster released… all that waiting for a predictable result

Yea this is an incredible car, yea I can’t wait to see one on the road, and  yea I really can’t wait  to drive one. It is awesome, as is any drop top Lambo. But after all the hype and build up after the last few years of spy shots, and Lamborghini test drivers chasing paparazzi, I look at this and find my self saying, “Okay, next”. Everything about it is just so predictable, the car looks fantastic but it also looks exactly how everyone knew it would look. I am thrilled this car is finally out, but for me it is hardly a showstopper when other cars, like the Mclaren P1, have come out and really dropped people’s jaws. They should’ve made the Jota instead of this, then I would really be excited.


9 Comments on “Lamborghini Aventador Roadster released… all that waiting for a predictable result”

  1. chereji says:

    It’s a great car….but cost to musch for a roadster…:)


  2. bioslifeguy says:

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    wow now thats a nice lambo i cant wait for a couple years im going to be buying one sweet ride just might be this one lol :)


  3. theautolife says:

    it seems like supercar roadsters all follow the same cycle…coming out 2-3 years after the regular hardtop model debutes. this is news, but everyone knew an Aventador roadster was inevitable.


  4. theautolife says:

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  5. Bosstiger says:

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  6. megafuntime says:

    pretty sure I saw that on TV… think it’s the Aventador J


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