Cadillac XTS: “Standard of the world”? Doesn’t seem so.

Cadillac XTS Concept

Cadillac is working on a large sedan they are calling the XTS. It is to replace both the STS and DTS, and if GM is smart they will aim to make a legitmate flagship sedan of global standard like those offered from Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, and Lexus.  

Cadillac has been on the up and up in many ways in recent years. The current CTS really is right on par with all of the europeans on all fronts and the CTS-V has embarassed all of its european competition in the high performance realm. With the CTS GM hit the nail on the head.

Now the idea would be to continue this trend with the XTS. It needs to be that flagship limosine luxury cruiser like the europeans are and not some weak cheaply made piece of crap like the DTS has been for years. The XTS must be better and cheaper than its european competition if Cadillac is to steal sales from such esteemed competition.

XTS Rear

If Cadillac does it right the XTS needs to ditch the front wheel drive completely and go for rear drive and/or all wheel drive. Fwd is just not a competent setup for a large car. It must out muscle the competition as well with a 375-450hp base model with either a V8 or a twin turbo V6. A hybrid of similar power numbers is also a great idea. The XTS must also offer all of the amenities the europeans do such as massaging seats and radar guided cruise control. It must obviously be comfortable, but mostly it must be of the same high quality standard. There must be nothing at all which looks or feels cheap abou the car, a flaw that has plagued all recent american luxury cars. It must be of equal or better quality for less money, a real value and not a compromise like the DTS was.

Unfortunately it seems GM is indeed screwing it up. The rumors going around say that it is on a front wheel drive chassis with an all wheel drive option, which is a mistake in a car in this segment where front wheel drive is vastly inferior. Also the reported engine is the 3.6L V6 with only 300hp (300hp is puny in this segment where cars are over 2 tons). Looks wise the concept car was a bit of a brick and had an ass that would make Queen Latifa look like Twiggy, which is great for a woman but not so much on a car.

XTS Side

Overall it seems GM may be fumbling what could be a very good car, which sadly is not surprising to me given their practices over the years. I desperately want Cadillac, and GM as a whole, to come up in the world and recover from the utter crap they have been making since the 1970s. Cadillac was once on the same level as Mercedes Benz and Rolls Royce. I want them back at that level because America can make great cars, we just have not in many decades (with a few exceptions). Cadillac looked to be on the up and up with the CTS, I can only hope they really are and that they plan to surprise us all with a world beating flagship model when the production version is revealed.



One thought on “Cadillac XTS: “Standard of the world”? Doesn’t seem so.”

  1. I don’t think that the XTS needs to be cheaper in order to compete with the Euro brands; customers who are looking at Benz or BMW are not always looking for cheaper but for brand cache, status and performance. Equus is cheaper than Benz but that doesn’t mean that it sells more. However, I do agree that the XTS needs to reinvent itself and bring something new and original to the table.


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