Audi E-tron Spyder, now that’s what I call a hybrid

Audi E-tron Spyder

At this year’s 24 Hours Of LeMans Audi unveiled the E-tron Spyder Concept. This is a model that has been talked about for years now and this seems to be a pretty near production version.   

E-tron Side

The E-tron seemingly utilizes the same sort of setup as the upcoming Porsche 918 hypercar, but in a smaller, likely more realistic package. It uses a slighlty tweaked version of VW’s 3.0 TDI motor found in the Touareg and Q7 here in America. In E-tron form, the motor puts out 300hp and 479ft/lbs of torque. Not bad at all for a 3100lb car as is but it also has some electric motors up front that bring the final combined figures to 387hp and 663ft/lbs, quite remarkable for a little car like this.

E-tron Rear

Audi claims the E-tron will do 0-60 in 4.4 seconds, however given their knack for launch control systems and this car’s insane torque figure, I would take a second off the official claim. If they can get a TT-RS to do it in 3.6, then the E-tron should definitely best that. The performance is sure to be fantastic, but the greatest thing is that the E-tron will do all of that while returning around 50mpg. This is real progress in the field of alternative technology that will hopefully make it to production. I want to see the E-tron as is with the diesel and all, however my gut tells me that they may replace it with the 3.0TFSI from the S4 when it hits final production, but that’d be fun too so I cannot really complain.

E-tron Interior


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