Spotted! 1962 Dodge Dart 413ci Ramcharger, Woodward Ave, MI

Dart 413 Ramcharger

This is one of the first superstock drag specials from Chrysler corporation in the 1960s. This was right at the beginning of the horsepower wars where scores between the big three were settled both on drag strips and at stoplights. Dodge put a 413ci (6.8L) V8 in the Dart, a huge engine for what was a midsize car at the time. The 413 put down around 415hp through a 3 speed transmission, allowing this Dart to break many records in sanctioned drag racing. The owner, a lady named Stacy, told me that she drives this car every day, even dropping off her daughter at school in this beast. If that is not cool in this day and age, I don’t know what is. Most parents may roll up with their kids in Prius’ or Accords, and then you see this old drag racer pull up; unreal. This is one of those legendary muscle cars that steals the show, even when surrounded by other incredible things. I was happy to have seen it, and to be able to take some pics of it. I have yet to see another one like it, enjoy the pics of this great car.

EDIT: A big thanks to our reader, Don, who sent us this badass video of this very car doing the smokiest of burnouts in a competition against two Harleys.



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