Spotted! Ford Focus RS, Zurich, Switzerland

Ford Focus RS


Another great car that the rest of the world gets to enjoy while America does not. The Ford Focus RS is the hottest hatch Ford makes, with a massive 300hp and 324ft/lbs of torque going to its front wheels. While I definitely think this car would have been much better if it had been all wheel drive, there is no denying that once the front wheels do stop spinning, it will take off like a bandit. Supposedly, Ford will be bringing the next Focus RS Stateside in 2015, but for now the RS is still a privilege the rest of the world gets to enjoy. I saw a few of them during my trip to Europe last year, but this is the only decent shot of one that I was able to get. I like the blue on this car a lot. It’s a tad more subdued than the RS’s famous bright green. Enjoy.

-Nick Walker

3 thoughts on “Spotted! Ford Focus RS, Zurich, Switzerland”

  1. Love this car. Seen close to a dozen over the last 3 years, my favourite colour by far is white. I’ve also seen one or two that have been wrapped. Shame it was such a short-lived production run. I reckon the only other hot hatch which was as visually striking was the Clio V6.
    Great site.


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