Diesels: Why We Need Them Now

BMW 335d

Diesel engines have been around for a much longer time than many people realize.  Diesels are coming back to America, in a big way, but I still don’t quite think it’s enough.  Over the past couple of years, diesels have started trickling back into the United States due to new regulations on additives in diesel fuel.  But, as of now, there is still only a small number of model lines offering a diesel engine for sale here.  And I think that must change. Continue reading Diesels: Why We Need Them Now


Supercar SUVs: only one company can pull it off

Unofficial artists rendering of a Lambo SUV. There are a few out there, but I like this one the most because it looks like an SUV, not like a high riding Gallardo with awkward proportions. It could stand to be a tad more extreme though.

In this craze of high-end manufacturers desiring to build SUVs, there have been many truly despicable propositions. Maserati and Aston Martin are among the worst offenders here, seeing as how an SUV could not be more wrong for each of their portfolios, and to suggest such things as a good idea is in fact a high crime in the car world. For these marques an SUV model would do nothing but water down the brand. There is however one company that should be making an SUV, and that company is Lamborghini.    Continue reading Supercar SUVs: only one company can pull it off

Saab’s Sob Story

Saab 9-4X

Since 2008, Saab’s fate has changed more times than I can count.  From GM nearly killing the company off, to a failed deal with Koenigsegg, to a successful deal with Spyker, it’s been a wild couple of years for the offbeat little Swedish company.  However, the trouble never seems to stop. Continue reading Saab’s Sob Story

Secondhand Saint: BMW 8 Series (E31)

BMW 8 Series

Quite simply the 8 Series is a legitimate Gran Turismo that can be had for the price of a Toyota Yaris. Lets see, boring econobox that can barely be considered a car or an epic, 150mph, V12, GT car that will make you feel like an utter boss every time you look at it? If fuel economy is your main concern go for the Yaris, but if you like living life in a more extraordinary fashion then this Bimmer may be just the ticket.    Continue reading Secondhand Saint: BMW 8 Series (E31)

Test Driven: Volkswagen GTI DSG

GTI (Front)

Hot hatchbacks represent one of the market’s easiest ways to get into a brand-new sporty car without paying an exorbitant price.  Although the segment has expanded drastically over the years, Volkswagen is still the company that seems to win every single comparison test.  The GTI is the yardstick by which the others are measured, and I decided that I should go and find out why. Continue reading Test Driven: Volkswagen GTI DSG

Chrysler 200: Making Do with What You Have.

Chrysler 200 (Front)

It’s no secret that Chrysler’s last entry into the midsize car market was quite simply a car best left to rental lots.  The last Sebring is a car that needs no introduction, because it does not deserve one (to be kind).  However, the Chrysler 200, its replacement, is made from the same pieces, but seems to be a much better whole.  So, what’s the story? Continue reading Chrysler 200: Making Do with What You Have.

Secondhand Saint: Subaru WRX and STi (GD Chassis 2002-2007)

Me hooning it up in the snow in my beloved STi, and to think most people are scared to go out in such conditions....

If you are someone who has practical needs but also desires some serious performance, then you should look no further. Subaru’s WRX line offers everything you could want from a car. It offers all of the practicality, affordability, and reliability of any normal Japanese sedan but also with outstanding performance and handling that is sure to make your driving experience less about getting from point A to B and more about the area in between. Being an owner of an 04 STi I can attest to just how much fun these cars are. Also, if you live somewhere that has varying weather, no need to worry because Subaru’s all wheel drive system will handle even the worst conditions with ease. In a WRX snow is something to be excited for, not something to be feared or dreaded. I would even go so far as to say that if you don’t go hooning around in the snow in your WRX it is the same as if you never walked your dog, it’s just not fair.   Continue reading Secondhand Saint: Subaru WRX and STi (GD Chassis 2002-2007)


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