My thoughts on the whole Hybrid/Electric thing….

The Top Gear crew pushing a Nissan Leaf that ran out of juice during a test

Ever since Al Gore’s little film there has been a bit of a frenzied panic going on in many areas, but especially in the car industry. Everyone has sudden obsession with green technology in an effort to save the earth from turning into an igloo in two days time without warning.  Now I’m not one of those people who says that global warming is not real, not by a long shot, but the overwhelming majority of people do not actually know anything about what actually it is, and have just jumped onto the panic bandwagon like a bunch of spontaneous, ignorant, morons. This hysteria has become a detriment to much of the automotive industry because it has forced many companies to rush development and quality has suffered.   Continue reading My thoughts on the whole Hybrid/Electric thing….


Test Driven: Lamborghini Murcielago LP-640

Chillin in the Murci

I’m going to start by listing all of the awful things about the Murcielago. It is hard to get in and out of, the driver position is awkward and not straight, the seat pokes you in many places and isn’t very comfortable, it has a small trunk that is almost useless, The steering is really heavy, the car feels absurdly huge, you have to avoid every pothole (expensive fix if you don’t), you have to be careful not to cut turns because you may scrape the car (like in a box truck), the car is cramped, there are blind spots everywhere except directly in front of you, its offensively impractical and vulgarly ostentatious, Its wider than the lane, rearview mirror is useless and only show you the engine, the side mirrors are useless and only show you the intakes for the engine, it is terrible on gas, nothing on the car is conventional or easy, no part of the car is socially acceptable, and because of the money at stake and the blindness, it is a terrifying car to drive and extremely stressful. So what is the appeal then?    Continue reading Test Driven: Lamborghini Murcielago LP-640

Ferrari: Arrogance And Underhandedness That We All Love

Scuderia Ferrari Shield on the side of a car

Chris Harris wrote an article on Jalopnik concerning Ferrari a few months back (see link at below) and it stirred up many people within the world of cars. In short, he criticizes Ferrari for using underhanded tactics with journalists, specifically forcing them to disclose the details of the testing they will be doing so that Ferrari personnel can set the car up specifically for the test and the place it will be conducted in an effort to gain an advantage over the competition. I must applaud Mr. Harris for his courage in writing this article because as a journalist he will almost certainly be “blacklisted” by Ferrari, barring him from ever driving their press cars in the future. It is important to speak one’s mind, Mr. Harris has done a bang up job, and his article is by far the best thing on Jalopnik in recent times.!5760248/how-ferrari-spins    Continue reading Ferrari: Arrogance And Underhandedness That We All Love

Test Driven: Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

The Lamborghini Gallardo is a fantastic, well-executed supercar for the street. Like most cars in this sector, it is still impractical in many regards, but nowhere near to the degree of the Murcielago. Overall though, it can be quite useable as a second car, that you drive for fun on nice days, because it is practical enough for most basic tasks, and a lot more fun than your other car would be.

Continue reading Test Driven: Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Nick: How I Got Into Cars

Me sitting in a Ferrari 512 BBi at age 15

As a car guy the question I get a lot from people is, “how did you first get into cars?” This is the age-old question, which all fields of interest possess, whether it be in a job interview, first date, etc. We all have a story to tell when asked such a question, so I figured it would be good to share my story and have you share yours with us too. Heres Mine    Continue reading Nick: How I Got Into Cars

Triple Spotted! Ferrari Enzo, F40, and 575M, Millville NJ

Epic Ferraris

Outside NJ Motorsports Park, there had been a Ferrari Club Event there that day. We were driving and saw the cars out of the corner of our eyes and immediately pulled into the Wawa so we could get these pics. Seeing such cars in the real world is incredible because they just stand out so much from the normal mundane cars around them. More Pics inside:   Continue reading Triple Spotted! Ferrari Enzo, F40, and 575M, Millville NJ

Cadillac CTS-V Coupe, losing doors changes the game

The filthy triple black CTS V Coupe that I drove

Recently Al and I both had the chance to test drive Cadillac CTS-V Coupes. Cadillac was doing some promotion at the Greenwich Concours d’ Elegance and it turned out they were happy to let two 21 year old car nuts get behind the wheel of their 556hp monster without any qualifications other than being over 18 and not intoxicated. As many of you may know, this is not at all how things are done at dealerships. I myself have tried to test a V series at a dealer and was told they don’t offer test drives of such cars for insurance reasons, so understand that this experience was quite surprising and exciting for us on a somewhat abnormal level. This whole experience of the CTS-V made me think though…   Continue reading Cadillac CTS-V Coupe, losing doors changes the game


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