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My Top 10 list of cars that defined the past decade

1. Tesla Model S – proved the case for the electric car. Did so in the luxury realm by out-branding and out-performing the established petrol competition.

2. Porsche 991.2 GT3 – proved the enthusiast segment will hold strong for the things they love. Manual Porsche’s should exist forever.

3. VW TDI (Dieselgate) – TDIs were the ultimate enthusiast economy car, great fuel efficiency and fun to drive. You could even buy a brown manual wagon TDI. Too bad VW corporate screwed us all over by lying.

4. Modern Muscle – Horsepower and Handling. Hellcats, ZL1s, and Shelbys. Despite so many people wanting efficient cars, we are currently in the midst of the biggest horsepower war of all time. Cars with 600-900hp are available straight off the showroom floor, and many of them are also among the best handling cars on the market, with incredible performance all around.

5. 911 Reimagined by Singer – taking an old 911 and making it into the best possible version of itself. This model is a likely future for the enthusiast auto industry to revitalize the cars we love when many of them are being discontinued.

6. Ford Focus/Fiesta – the Fiesta ST and Focus ST and RS were incredible. Ford got so much right, but then they suddenly decided we don’t matter to them, dropping the hatchbacks in favor of bitchy little crossovers. Screw Ford.

7. KIA Stinger / Genesis – for brands known for shitty little econoboxes in the previous decade, Hyundai/KIA has come such a long way. Genesis is gaining momentum as a smart luxury brand, the Stinger is competing with the best in class, and the Veloster N won R&Ts Performance car of the year.

8. Hybrid Hypercars – the 918, P1, LaFerrari, and later the Regera. they proved hybrid tech could be used for serious speed and not just MPG.

9. Toyota 86 – proved demand for affordable sports cars still exists.

10. Midsize Performance SUVs – if they’re going to take over, at least there are some fun ones. Macan, SQ5, GLC AMGs, Stelvio, X3/X4M, all are like big rally cars. So if you need to compromise for practical reasons, you have some great options.

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Hyundai Elantra Sport DCT Review: An Unknown Gem

Hyundai Elantra Sport 10

Many good things in life fly just under the radar. Like the other day when I went to lunch at work, and noticed a bright blue Hyundai Elantra parked out front. The color caught my eye, but I figured it was just another Elantra. Then I noticed the wheels, the slightly aggressive body styling, and the dual exhaust tips protruding from the diffuser-looking rear valance. I thought to myself, “Damn, Hyundai is really trying to make the Elantra look like a performance model.” I saw the word “Sport” displayed on the back, and the subtle “Turbo” badge on the front grill. That prompted me to get out my phone and Google the Elantra Sport over lunch. What I found out was very intriguing.

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Test Driven: Hyundai Equus, Nick’s Take (6.5/10)

Hyundai Equus

Hyundai has transformed itself over the last decade, going from the stereotype maker of cheap jalopies to a company that is now taking on the biggest names in the luxury market. The Equus you see here is the culmination of those efforts, a car that claims to strike directly at the standard of the world, the Mercedes S class.

It is really crazy to think that the same company which makes the economy-minded Elantra can also produce this posh luxury bruiser. Other companies, like Honda and Toyota, created whole new brands (Acura and Lexus) for their upmarket efforts in the US, but Hyundai has decided to keep everything under one flag.

This does beg some questions: Can the Equus really work as a Hyundai in a country where people are obsessed purely with their own self image? And furthermore, if we put the Equus up against its claimed competitors, will it stand up to the challenge?

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Test Driven: 2014 Hyundai Equus Ultimate (GRADE: B)

Hyundai has no secrets in its intentions. Since 2009, this company has managed to make itself look leagues better than almost everyone. When one company screws up in the news, Hyundai has a positive headline on the same page of the local newspaper. Somehow, they can make the entry-level Accent and Elantra and sell them in the same dealers as the high-end Genesis sedan, as well as the subject of this review, the flagship Equus. No other car company can sell a range as diverse as this under the same franchise roof. Hyundai bills the big Equus as a car to fight the S-Class for a much lower price. On paper, that’s quite a clear truth, but I had to drive it to see if that advertising line lives up to its billing.

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