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MotorWeek shows us all what the GNX could do.

Back in 1987, Buick took their already-strong Grand National and turned 547 of them into the evil, Devil worshipping monster known as the GNX. MotorWeek tested one out and it’s clear that even then, it was special. Today, a good one can clear $75,000 and it’s easy to see why.

Albert S. Davis


Jeep CJ-7 Laredo at Sunday in the Park at Lime Rock 2018


The Gathering of the Marques and the concours at Lime Rock brings out plenty of fantastically-prepared cars and trucks. While a striped-up 1980s Jeep CJ isn’t a vehicle I would expect to see at a Concours, this little red CJ-7 showed up dressed for success. Most Concours extremists might scoff at such a commoner’s car of its era, but the Jeep represented freedom, fun, and independence in a time when more and more mainstream vehicles were more about A-B than A-Adventure. Enjoy the photos. Continue reading Jeep CJ-7 Laredo at Sunday in the Park at Lime Rock 2018

Chatterbox – The Final Days

1940 Ford Coupe

For those of you who are not aware, The Chatterbox in Augusta, NJ was host to weekly cruise nights for fifteen years, going all the way back to 2003 and possibly earlier. As of Labor Day at 9PM, the restaurant closed, and I was fortunate enough to attend the last two cruise nights over the last two weeks. Here are my favorite shots from both weeks–the community is unhappy about losing this piece of Americana, but the cruise nights will move to the hot dog stand down the road. I do indeed hope that the turnout will continue to be strong at the new location. Enjoy the photos of the result of a community coming together to support a great place to gather, eat, and spend time. Continue reading Chatterbox – The Final Days

1969 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser at 2018 Das Awkscht Fest


The field at Das Awkscht Fest in Pennsylvania was quite varied. While there were Packards galore and plenty of excellent American and foreign classics, oddball cars ruled the realm in a very big way. This 1969 Vista Cruiser got my attention rather quickly. With a factory-mounted CB, fake wood, and the all-important clear roof paneling, and fetching whitewall tires. Before SUVs became CUVs and minivans ruled the world, this was how the kids got driven to school, day camp, and off to Coney Island. Enjoy the photos. Continue reading 1969 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser at 2018 Das Awkscht Fest

1956 Packard Patrician at Das Awkscht Fest 2018


The Patrician was Packard’s most expensive standard model for 1956, and being that the model line was about to become a Studebaker clone the very next year, it’s a great thing that the lineup in ’56 looks as good as it does. The Patrician is a very rare vehicle now and to see one with the two tone paintjob and all of its gold trim like this is a special treat. With Packard as Das Awkscht Fest premier marque this year, I’m glad that someone brought out the top Packard available in its last great year, right under the wonderful Caribbean. Enjoy the photos. Continue reading 1956 Packard Patrician at Das Awkscht Fest 2018

1978 Ford LTD Brougham 2 Door at Das Awkscht Fest


Ford may have been late to the party for downsizing their full size sedans, but they made sure the glitz and the glamour of the LTD Brougham stayed as gaudy as possible. Vacuum-powered headlight doors? Check. Color matched interior and landau vinyl roof? Double check. Whitewall tires and chrome wheel covers, complete with gorgeous door edge molding? Triple check. This car has the Malaise Era credentials that only President Gerald Ford could hope to match (or Carter). It’s a big red party, and we’re all invited. Continue reading 1978 Ford LTD Brougham 2 Door at Das Awkscht Fest

1961 De Soto 2 Door Hardtop at Das Awscht Fest 2018


I’ll be putting up a full highlight gallery on Friday, but first enjoy this little taste of what’s to come from Das Awscht Fest, or “The August Festival” held in Macungie, Pennsylvania this past Sunday. This 1961 DeSoto coupe is the last of the Desoto line, which came to a crashing end in 1961 due to declining sales and massive losses. While not the most beautiful car on the planet or at the show, it certainly stood out as a rare sighting of a rather obscure American classic. Enjoy the photos. Continue reading 1961 De Soto 2 Door Hardtop at Das Awscht Fest 2018

Lowriders at the Petersen


While this exhibit is likely no longer present, here are some of the finest lowriders I have ever laid my eyes on. While I’m not a big fan of them, I do appreciate the art form a lot and its ever-changing sense of individuality. I think the pink Ford LTD might be the most outlandish one, paint-wise, but that 1980s Cutlass is surely an excellent vehicle too. Continue reading Lowriders at the Petersen

LBJ’s Limousine at the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library

LBJ Limo Front//

During the 1960s, Lyndon B. Johnson became President due to JFK’s death at the hand of Lee Harvey Oswald. Thanks to the Vietnam debacle, among other things, LBJ did not run for President in 1968, instead choosing to retire back to his home state of Texas. After he left office in 1969, this Lincoln Continental stretch limousine was delivered to his estate. He would continue to use it until his passing in 1973. As it was being used by a former President, this particular Lincoln is not armored. While it may lack the extra features of the other limos used by both himself and his predecessor (and successor), it is still a truly great old limo and unique in its styling–as Nixon’s first limo did not share this styling at all. Enjoy the photos. Continue reading LBJ’s Limousine at the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library

Motorweek finds out what luxury barge was king.

Back in the late Eighties, rear wheel drive V8 American cars were being supplanted by front wheel drive luxury cars. Motorweek takes the bold step of comparing the front drive DeVille, front drive Continental, rear drive Brougham, and rear drive Town Car to find out if FWD has finally gotten the better of RWD. Watch to find out who is victorious.

-Albert S. Davis

Ford Fairmont Futura Coupe at Cops and Rodders 2018

Ford Fairmont Futura Badge

Malaise Era cars are slowly gaining acceptance with the car-collecting hobby, and while the vast majority of America’s forgotten years of cars are slow to get attention, some have made theirs rise to the forefront of our mind. Continue reading Ford Fairmont Futura Coupe at Cops and Rodders 2018