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Highlights from the CF Charities Supercar Show

Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera CF Charities

We showed you the American hypercars last week, but there were many more awesome cars present at the CF Charities Supercar Show as well. Everything from a Bugatti Veyron to an Ultima GTR to a full-on dragster, the crowds were stunned repeatedly.

Enjoy the highlight gallery of this fantastic show!

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Supercar Sounds at Bucks County Exotics

Naturally when attending a exotic car meet, you expect to capture some wonderful sights and sounds as people head out onto the open road in their fantastic speed machines. The folks at Bucks County Exotics definitely put on a good show. If you like the sounds of V8s, V10s and V12s, then turn up your speakers and enjoy the music from these wonderful supercars! Also, check out our photo gallery from the event.


Bucks County Exotics Meet 5/2/2014

Rossion Q1 at Bucks County Exotics
This Rossion Q1 and Ferrari 458 Spider were just the tip of the iceberg of awesome cars at the meet.

We were in attendance for the Bucks County Exotics meet last Saturday morning. I had a bit of an unexpected late night the previous evening, so it took everything I could muster to climb out of bed and drive over to Doylestown, PA for the meet. It is a cars and coffee style event, and many great cars show up each time, everything from hot rods to classics to supercars. Bucks County is a great area to enjoy driving fun cars, with lots of winding back roads cutting through the woods, and lots of scenic destinations to visit. It also happens to be a pretty affluent area, so everything seems to add up nicely to make an event like the Bucks County Exotics car meet possible.

Enjoy the photos and captions!

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CF Charities Supercar Show: Porsche, Rossion and Mclaren

Porsche Carrera GT and Rossion Q1

We attended the CF Charities Supercar Show in Warminster, PA last weekend. There were some really nice cars there, but the grand entrance made by a Porsche Carrera GT accompanied by a Rossion Q1 was a moment that stuck out. I’m told both cars are owned by the same person… must be wonderful. There was also an artist at the show who was doing paintings of cars for owners who had donated money at a benefit held the night before. While I was there he was doing a nice job with a Mclaren MP4-12C. Great event. Enjoy the photos.

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