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Petrolicious shows us the new Porsche 911 Carrera T


$25K Used Car Shootout: Audi B8 S4 vs Lexus IS F

IMG_0354 IMG_0336

For $25K you have many great options for a high-performance daily driver. If you want a brand new car you can get a Honda Civic Si or a Volkswagen GTI, both great “hot hatches” with amazing handling and turbocharged power. Looking a couple years used, you can find a current-gen Subaru WRX, or variants of the Ford Mustang or Chevy Camaro. But what if you want something even more serious with more emphasis on luxury and even higher performance? For $25K, the cars will be a few years older, 8-10 years old in this case, but you are getting $60K worth of car for less than half the price.

I’m starting to look around in this general price range for my next step, and I have various options depending on what I decide to do with my current stable of cars. I decided to go have a drive in some of the cars I’ve been looking at to see what they’re really like from behind the wheel.

I went to a local dealer to check out two Audi B8 S4s, and low and behold, they had a Lexus IS F on the lot as well – it hadn’t been listed online yet. IS Fs are pretty rare, and this one was in my range, so I added it to my list to drive.

The S4 and IS F are a somewhat strange comparison, the Audi is AWD with a supercharged V6, and the Lexus is RWD with a 5.0L V8. When it comes to driving in bad weather, they don’t really do the same things. That said, both are midsize sedans that offer high performance with a lot of polish. Overall, they serve the same basic function for the same basic price, so, despite their vast differences in many areas, that means they compete.

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The Mercedes 600 of “The Witches of Eastwick” Live and in Living Color!

Mercedes-Benz 600 Rear

What do we have here? Oh nothing, just a dark-red Mercedes 600 Grosser, one of the most famous and (thanks to its owner list) infamous cars ever built. Mercedes sold these incredible machines to the likes of Coco Chanel, Pol Pot, Elvis, Idi Amin, and George Harrison, among many others. This example was used in the famous movie The Witches of Eastwick and was driven by Jack Nicholson’s character, who was quite literally the Devil Incarnate. I have to say, that color suits it incredibly well.

-Albert S. Davis

A mean green Porsche 918 at Cars and Caffe

Green Porsche 918 Cars and Caffe 1

One of the more wild colors I’ve seen on a Porsche 918. This was one of the hypercar stars at Cars and Caffe at Garden State Plaza. There were literally crowds of people around it all day, and that’s with other hypercars around it. Can you imagine the kind of attention this thing would draw in town on its own?

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Some say self-driven cars will be extinct in 10 years. They must all be test tube babies…

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If everyone is really turning their backs on the automobile, then why does Singer exist? I mean, there’s a very long waiting waiting list of very wealthy people excited to spend many hundreds of thousands of dollars on a car they apparently don’t want. No, it’s clearly a chore for them when they’d all rather be carted around in autonomous electric cars, because that’s the future. I mean why would anybody want a tiny loud car that actually requires effort to drive? And with 500hp in such a featherweight package, isn’t it terribly unsafe? Why would people be lining up to get their hands on something like that in 2018?

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1912 Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Special at Radnor Hunt

1912 Mercedes Grand Prix 1 1912 Mercedes Grand Prix 2

This is one of those insane racecars from the dawn of the automotive era. It’s got a 9.5L inline 4 from a period fighter plane stuffed under its hood, and not much extra car around it. This is a racer from an era when the drivers had some serious stones because the speeds were very real and the safety measures were nonexistent.

-Nick Walker

Porsche 997 GT2 RS at Driven By Purpose

Porsche 997 GT2 RS NYC 1

The new 991.2 GT2 RS may have just crushed the Nurburgring production car lap record, but this, the previous gen 997 GT2 RS is still the big daddy of desirable Porsche 911s in my book. The new GT2 RS has 700hp, but it’s also totally loaded with tech to help it be as fast and as controllable as possible. This car has 620hp, but requires the driver to shift their own gears and control the flow of all that torque to the rear wheels. There’s a lot less tech in the 997 than in the 991, and I think that makes it a more timeless experience in the long term.

This is still very much a widow-maker 911, and it’s the ultimate turbocharged 911 yet to be offered with a clutch pedal. The new one is cool, but for me, the 997 is what dreams are made of. Enjoy!

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