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Packard Caribbean at the Greenwich Concours

Packard Caribbean Greenwich 1

I love the Packard Caribbean. For me, it exemplifies the quintessential American cruiser of the 1950’s.

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This 1938 Packard was V12 Pimpin’ before Pimpin’ was Pimp

Packard Twelve 1608 Derham 10

Look at this beautiful blue Packard. This is the swooping shape of American luxury of old, complete with a V12 under the hood. So many fine details, and it oozes elegance.

Enjoy the gallery!

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Highlights from Radnor Hunt 2017

Mercedes 4x4 Squared

We had a beautiful day yesterday for the Radnor Hunt Concours d’Elegance. There were some incredible cars in attendance, and we took hundreds of photos. Here are a few highlights for you to chew on…

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1934 Packard 1104 Convertible at the Misselwood Concours


This incredible Packard is one of those cars that fits exactly the style we imagine when we think of pre-war cars. It looks like it’s straight out of The Great Gatsby.

Enjoy the gallery of this classic machine!

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Elks Lodge 2016 Car Show General Gallery

1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass

Last year, I brought a Miata to this show, and I somehow managed to win 3rd place in the Import class (well, there were 3 of us). This year, the Lincoln may not have won anything, but my favorite car at the show won Best in Show, and the rest of the field wasn’t half-bad either. I spent the entire afternoon taking photos, talking to participants, and generally having a ball at the fact that the show was just steps away from my residence. This is the third year the show’s been running and the Elks Lodge in Piscataway does a beautiful job of getting the word out and getting some beautiful classic cars to turn up and show off their best. Enjoy the photos.

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1951 Packard Patrician 400 at the 2015 Radnor Hunt Concours

1951 Packard Patrician Front 1//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Due to the phrase “Fabulous Fifties”, everyone seems to think that all cars sold in America during the first full decade after World War II had loud paint, snarling V8 engines, towering tail fins, and lashings of insane chrome. The opposite, in fact, was true, especially in the years preceding 1955. In fact, most cars were notably understated, and still used muted colors and drab interior schemes as the cost was lower. Of course, a Packard could be drab in color and muted in trim, but the cost would most certainly not be low. This Patrician 400, looking quite stately in black, has a custom interior designed by Dorothy Draper, so the interior was not “drab”. Packard offered this series as its flagship in 1951, and 9,001 orders were taken–mostly in black. It’s not as flashy or as obvious as the equivalent Cadillac or Lincoln of the period, but it does not need to be. Continue reading 1951 Packard Patrician 400 at the 2015 Radnor Hunt Concours

The History of Packard

Packard was one of the great American luxury car brands in the first half of the 1900s. Many would even dub Packard “the American Rolls Royce” because the two companies shared much in their ideological approach to building the highest quality automobile.

This is a bit of historical glamour for us all to lust over. It’ll have us wishing for Packard to make a comeback someday.



Highlights from the 2015 Radnor Hunt Concours d’Elegance: Part 1

Radnor Hunt Alfa Romeo 8Cs

We attended the 2015 Radnor Hunt Concours d’Elegance last Sunday, and were stunned by the array of Alfa Romeos and Packards they were featuring this year, among other things. It was a phenomenal show, with awesome cars of all types and tastes present. This is the first highlight gallery, with much more to come.

Enjoy the photos!


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Our Highlights From the 2015 Greenwich Concours Day 1

Greenwich Ferrari 330 P3-4 Jim Glickenhaus

The Greenwich Concours was nothing short of epic this year. There were insane cars in attendance of all types, and it was thoroughly entertaining to cover. This year there were a few European exotics mixed in with the American cars on Day 1. I’m not sure why, but it made a nice spectacle.

Of note, Jim Glickenhaus brought out his one of a kind Ferrari 330 P3/4 (above), two Pagani Huayras showed up, and the Packard 8 that won Day 1 was just immaculate.

Enjoy the gallery of Day 1, and be sure to check back for our highlights from Day 2 later on this week!

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1935 Packard Model 1201 – Greenwich Concours d’America Best Of Show 2015

1935 Packard 1201 Front

Welcome to the Best Of Show winner for Day 1 of the 2015 Greenwich Concours. Ralph Marano of Scotch Plains, NJ is one of the most prolific collectors of Packard motorcars from the 1930s until the end of the brand in 1958. His collection is incredible and we here at Mind Over Motor are proud to say that we’ve seen multiple pieces of his collection a few times over the past 17 months, including a full display of his Packard concept cars at Amelia Island last spring. This, however, might be my favorite prewar Packard in his collection.

This is a 1935 Model 1201 convertible, in a gorgeous brown paint job that seems to look black or green in certain lights. My friend Chris couldn’t stop talking about it, and for good reason–it was the winner of Best of Show amongst all of the American cars on the field. The forged wheel covers looked stunning on this Art-Deco body, especially when paired with the Firestone white-letter style tires and the scalloped rear fender covers. It’s not a hulking behemoth like some of the other prewar American cars featured this year, but the 1201 took home the honors for its elegant lines and distinctive style. Enjoy the photos. Congratulations to Ralph Marano! Continue reading 1935 Packard Model 1201 – Greenwich Concours d’America Best Of Show 2015

Pre-War Cars at the Greenwich Concours d’Elegance

1935 Duesenberg SJ562 at Greenwich

“They don’t make them like this anymore…”

That is a phrase I must have heard uttered over a dozen times during the weekend of the Greenwich Concours d’Elegance by people gazing at the magnificent pre-war automobiles on display. And they definitely don’t make cars like these anymore. In fact, most manufacturers of these majestic machines have long been defunct. The likes of Duesenberg, Packard, Minerva and Delage are all absent from the vocabulary of modern automobillia, and it’s a real shame because the cars they made were nicer (relatively) than even the top-of-the line Rolls Royce today.

In fact, as I’ve said before, Rolls Royce is really the only company from this era that still makes the same type of cars today as it did back then. Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz still exist, but have both moved their base of operation far down market. Yes, the pre-war era was a different time, when the automobile was a blank canvass for craftsmen to as they pleased. There was a lot of art-for-art-sake in these cars, and that’s something that is mostly absent from modern cars now that accountants and health and safety people run the show.

So the relative gray-scale of the cars we know today makes ogling over these pre-war gems an activity to be savored. I am really hoping for a renaissance of creativity in the auto industry, where the artistry will come back and add to all of the modern technology and design. The cookie-cutter designs of modern cars have gotten extremely old, and a design that aims to please anyone is also boring to everyone. So I’ve got my fingers crossed.

For now, though, just enjoy gazing at these incredible pre-war machines. The attention to detail, and the sheer craftsmanship is simply breathtaking to behold. Enjoy the cars!

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