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American Motors at Radwood and AACA Hershey

AMC Spirit Hatch//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

When Saturday is at Hershey and Sunday is at Radwood, you’re gauranteed to see some American Motors product in the flesh, whether it’s a little Gremlin, a gorgeous Rebel Machine, or even a late-model Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Luckily for my star-studded eyes, it was all there to see in all its glory. Enjoy the photos of some American Motors, from 1970 to 1987. Continue reading American Motors at Radwood and AACA Hershey


Dodge Mirada at the AACA Fall Meet, Hershey


Here we have a bit of a Malaise Mopar Unicorn. While everyone knew the Chrysler Cordoba, the Dodge twin of it was always less common during the period. The Mirada, produced only from 1980-1983, is the final iteration of the RWD Dodge personal coupe, and was the last four-seat 2 door RWD domestically produced vehicle under the brand name until the Challenger came out in 2008. This was one of the most well-preserved examples I’ve seen in a very long time, and ran quiet as a church mouse. Enjoy the photos of this rarely-seen Mopar classic. Continue reading Dodge Mirada at the AACA Fall Meet, Hershey

Plymouth Sapporo Technica at Radwood Philly


Once upon a time, Dodge made a great car called the Challenger. Then, in the late 1970s, they had their first stab at bringing the great name back. But, reality was hard on the new Challenger. It was based on a dowdy Mitsubishi Galant Lambda, and its Plymouth counterpart shown here, the Sapporo, wasn’t exactly a paragon of technology, speed, or style. But, someone brought this example to Radwood, and I had to say I was impressed. It’s not perfect, but Plymouth’s desire to bring a small, sporty coupe with Japanese dynamics and American style (or some of it) to the market is clear through this black-and-silver Technica. I don’t think I’ll see another one of these anytime soon, so I took in as much as I could. Enjoy the photos. Continue reading Plymouth Sapporo Technica at Radwood Philly

Chrysler VH Valiant Charger at the 2018 Sunday In The Park at Lime Rock


Say hello to the Thunder from Down Under. Most people, including me, had never heard of this car. Chrysler used to sell their own homegrown cars in Oz–and this is one of the most desirable. Here we find a 1972 VH Valiant Charger, with its very own, never-seen in America Hemi-head inline six. These were potent, rare, and valuble cars in their day, and are seldom seen now. That this one is in America is an even larger oddity as it looks to be similar in size to a Dart, but is shaped like a Cricket, and has the name of an intermediate. Enjoy the photos of this “shrimp on the barbie” mini muscle car. Continue reading Chrysler VH Valiant Charger at the 2018 Sunday In The Park at Lime Rock

Doug Demuro drives a 1977 Cadillac Eldorado-and shows why I love them.

If you’ve been following this site for a while, you may be aware of my unrepentant love for cars of the Disco Era and my strange obsession with the Seventies Cadillac Eldorado. Doug DeMuro, who has a reputation for also liking unusual cars, takes this 1977 model out for a drive and shows us what he thinks of it–but also shows us why this was such a popular luxury car of the era.

-Albert S. Davis

Chatterbox – The Final Days

1940 Ford Coupe

For those of you who are not aware, The Chatterbox in Augusta, NJ was host to weekly cruise nights for fifteen years, going all the way back to 2003 and possibly earlier. As of Labor Day at 9PM, the restaurant closed, and I was fortunate enough to attend the last two cruise nights over the last two weeks. Here are my favorite shots from both weeks–the community is unhappy about losing this piece of Americana, but the cruise nights will move to the hot dog stand down the road. I do indeed hope that the turnout will continue to be strong at the new location. Enjoy the photos of the result of a community coming together to support a great place to gather, eat, and spend time. Continue reading Chatterbox – The Final Days

1961 De Soto 2 Door Hardtop at Das Awscht Fest 2018


I’ll be putting up a full highlight gallery on Friday, but first enjoy this little taste of what’s to come from Das Awscht Fest, or “The August Festival” held in Macungie, Pennsylvania this past Sunday. This 1961 DeSoto coupe is the last of the Desoto line, which came to a crashing end in 1961 due to declining sales and massive losses. While not the most beautiful car on the planet or at the show, it certainly stood out as a rare sighting of a rather obscure American classic. Enjoy the photos. Continue reading 1961 De Soto 2 Door Hardtop at Das Awscht Fest 2018

Ford Fairmont Futura Coupe at Cops and Rodders 2018

Ford Fairmont Futura Badge

Malaise Era cars are slowly gaining acceptance with the car-collecting hobby, and while the vast majority of America’s forgotten years of cars are slow to get attention, some have made theirs rise to the forefront of our mind. Continue reading Ford Fairmont Futura Coupe at Cops and Rodders 2018

The Classic Fiat 600 of My Dreams at the Greenwich Concours


This immaculate 1959 Fiat 600 really caught my eye at the Greenwich Concours this year. It was funky like a Fiat should be, and the detail work, both inside and out, was fantastic. This is the flavor that every Italian car should have!

Enjoy the gallery.

Continue reading The Classic Fiat 600 of My Dreams at the Greenwich Concours

1973 Buick Century Grand Sport Stage 1 at the 2018 Greenwich Concours

1973 Buick Century Front 2

Sometimes, people forget that Detroit did have a few performance oriented cars on the market after the muscle car era came to a close and before the Malaise era went full 8-ball and full Disco Inferno. This burnt orange Colonnade Century hardtop coupe was quite a looker, and had a window sticker that displayed a truly chock-full list of options, including a 455 big block V8, four-speed manual, power everything, a tilt and telescoping wheel, and raised white letter tires. This is a prime example of what Americans could still get their hands on if they read the options list carefully–instead of ending up with a dowdy little Vega or underpowered Malibu (like my dad had in the Eighties). Enjoy the photos. Continue reading 1973 Buick Century Grand Sport Stage 1 at the 2018 Greenwich Concours

Shelby Series 1 at Bonhams Auction, Greenwich


This rare Shelby Series 1, which was owned by Carroll Shelby himself, sold for $313,000 at Bonhams auction last weekend in Greenwich.

The Series 1 was an impressive car, Shelby’s own successor to the Cobra in many ways (even after the Dodge Viper existed) This particular car was the test car for the optional supercharger, which brought the engine up to 600hp and dropped 0-60 from 4.4 sec down to 3.2 sec. That was more than extremely fast back in the 90’s, however, only 249 Series 1s were produced because they were quite expensive for their day at around $180,000.

One thing I hate, but also kind of love, about this car is the “shittiness” of its interior. It just reeks of the worst of mid-90s Ford build quality. I mean the thought of spending over $300k on a car and then being handed one of those awful plastic keys is both sad and hilarious. This car deserved a lot better, but it’s got what you want where it really counts. Truth be told, the Shelby Series 1 is very much “of its era” and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Enjoy the gallery, and read more on the car here.

Continue reading Shelby Series 1 at Bonhams Auction, Greenwich

1977 Checker Marathon at Cops and Rodders 2018

Checker Marathon Rear 1

At one time, almost every single taxicab in New York City was the same shape. Unlike today, when you hail a checker cab and it could be a Toyota, Ford, or a Nissan, all “checker cabs” were indeed made by a company called Checker. The very last one of these finally went out of commission in 2001, twenty years after the last one rolled out of the factory. These were a hodgepodge design–they used GM engines and steering columns, but the front end interchanged with a 1956 Ford. The bodywork, however, was in-house. Not a lot of them are on the road today, but those that are always draw a good amount of attention for their tough-as-nails engineering, cavernous interiors, and retro styling (for the Seventies, anyway).
Continue reading 1977 Checker Marathon at Cops and Rodders 2018