1973 Triumph Stag at the 2017 Radnor Hunt Concours

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Triumph’s TR series was excellent, until the bender hit rock bottom in 1980 with the cheese-wedge TR7. Luckily, one of their brightest spots outside of that series was the striking little Stag, released in 1970 and pulled from the lineup in 1978. They weren’t without their flaws, but the body style, looks, and driving dynamics were above par in the Seventies. Just don’t keep it too long, or you’d be seeing your mechanic more often than a home-cooked meal. While far from the best car money could buy, it was a fun car for the times and still had plenty of appeal. This particular brown example shone brightly at the Radnor Hunt Concours last fall.

Triumph Stag Interior//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Triumph Stag Rear//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

-Albert S. Davis


Roadkill finally gets the two legendary cars of the series–which one breaks first?

When it comes to my favorite Roadkill cars, it’s hard to beat the Dodge Super Bee owned by Freiburger or the ’55 Chevrolet gasser aka Blasphemi, owned by Mike Finnegan. The story behind each car is excellent (both built up from a production shell, but sharing few original drivetrain parts), they both pack a variant of the monster 426 Hemi (Bee has a 484 ci, Chevrolet has a 426 with all kinds of goodies), and both look and sound like pure evil unleashed upon God’s green earth. Which one will survive this episode? Which one will fall apart for no apparent (or likely, a catastrophic) reason? Watch below, and find out.

I’ve finished my LEGO Ferrari F40

Lego Ferrari F40 12

This is one of those gifts I had wanted, but couldn’t justify buying for myself as a young professional trying to spend money on ‘real’ things. My girlfriend, Gab, knew I wanted the LEGO Ferrari F40, though, and her Mom went over and above for my birthday and surprised me with it. Needless to say, I was quite surprised, and I got excited like I did back when I was a kid. I thought it was clothes because the box was a similar shape, but it was a LEGO Ferrari. SO AWESOME!

It took me a week or two to put it together, and I was astounded by LEGO’s attention to detail. I have a diecast model of an F40 to compare, and they really did account for everything.

Once finished, I figured I’d take some decent photos of it, like I would a real car. Enjoy!

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Hot Pink Maserati Quattroporte spotted in Freehold, NJ

At the mall yesterday, I noticed this gem in the parking lot. It’s a pink Maserati Quattroporte Q4, and judging from the wording on the side, it belongs to a local divorce attorney. This is definitely one way to get your business noticed, especially by the sort of gentlemen who will wind up needing a divorce attorney. Plus, it’s a Quattroporte, not a Ghibli, so you know they must be pretty good at what they do.


Check out the hood ornament on this Willys-Knight 66B Great Coupe

Willys-Knight 66B Great Coupe 1

This car is cool enough. It’s the only one of its kind left, and it has a nice color combo to boot, but its hood ornament is absolutely bitchin’. Yea that’s right, I just used the term “bitchin'” to describe a classy pre-war car, but sometimes that’s just how it’s gotta be. And sometimes the hood ornament is the only thing that makes me notice a car.

This Willys-Knight is actually a very interesting car, and you can see some of its details below. But me, I just saw the night in shining armor with his noble steed, racing to save some lovely damsel, atop the hood, and I was captivated.

The right hood ornament adds the perfect finishing touch to an old car like this, and this Willys-Knight did not disappoint. Enjoy!

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Factory Stock (!) Ford Bronco spotted in Hershey, PA

Orange Ford Bronco Front

Sometimes, simpler is better. This Seventies Ford Bronco features a white stripe, white-letter tires, chrome wheel covers, and a blacked-out grille for a period correct look. So many Broncos get cut up to become off-road beasts or crazy show trucks, so it’s pretty refreshing to see one here that hasn’t been messed with. Continue reading Factory Stock (!) Ford Bronco spotted in Hershey, PA

Spyker C8 LaViolette at Misselwood

Spyker C8 LaViolette Misslewood 7

Spykers are beautifully crafted machines, as much works of art as they are sports cars. There are so many fine details to take in, and they all add up to a striking whole that will make a Ferrari or Lamborghini seem so mass-market.

This Spyker C8 LaViolette was a centerpiece at the Misselwood Concours this year. People adored it, whether they knew what it was or not.

Enjoy the gallery!

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Auburn 12-165 Salon Speedster at Radnor Hunt

Auburn 12-165 Salon Speedster 3

This was the cheapest 12 cylinder American luxury car in 1933, one third the price of a comparable Packard. But 1933 was an era in the shock of the Great Depression, and those with money had become more hesitant to flaunt their wealth around with things like fancy cars. As a result, only 14 of these Auburns were produced that year.

The car you see here has been restored to its original black and burgundy color scheme. Enjoy the photos.

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1983 Cadillac Presidential Limo at the Reagan Library

Reagan Limo Front//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

President Reagan and his tenure in the White House evokes strong emotions from both the left and right wing of our nation. He was also the very first President to ride along in a downsized full-size American car. Luckily, they picked a winner in the form of the GM full-size D-body platform. When I saw this Caddy parked at the Reagan Library, I was shocked by how tall the roof was–but when the President of the United States is over six feet tall, he’s gotta be comfortable. GM packed in the big block 500-inch Cadillac V8 and the Turbo 400 transmission so that all the extra weight could still move. Dressed in the classic black paint with whitewall tires and draped flags, this Cadillac would look right home even in today’s White House. Enjoy the photos. Continue reading 1983 Cadillac Presidential Limo at the Reagan Library

Miata: The Snow Review

Miata Club Ace Snow 13

When it comes to sports cars there are so many fair weather fans, people who will question driving their car if there is even one cloud in the sky. I am definitely not one of them, and those people make me laugh. I once heard a man with a base Porsche Cayman brag about how his car had never seen rain, and I had to walk away so I wouldn’t crack up in his face.

The thing is, fair weather drivers are missing out on one of the most fun driving experiences there is. I’m talking about snow, yes, white, fluffy, salt-laden snow. It comes with some risks, but the rewards are truly special. At the end of the day, a sports car is all about having fun, so why not experience it to the absolute fullest?

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1974 Lincoln Continental Mark IV at the Haskell Car Show

Lincoln Mark IV Front

The Continental Mark Series is not just the Crown Prince of Lincolns. It is the undisputed king. And the grand marshal of them all in terms of sheer size and grandiose is the Mark IV, especially those with the safety bumpers from after 1974. These cars were big, bad, and in-charge, and this bright red example brings out the best of the breed, including chrome everywhere, whitewall tires, an enormous spare tire hump, and a fittingly ridiculous opera window. Continue reading 1974 Lincoln Continental Mark IV at the Haskell Car Show


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