McLaren 570S Spider in its best blue at the Philly Auto Show

McLaren 570S Spider Philly



Come Along for a Test Drive in the Ferrari California T!

Disclaimer: there is some NSFW language. This car makes you swear a lot, but in a great way!


Ferrari California T Review: Is It Sweeter Secondhand?

Ferrari California T Review 16There is something extra-remarkable about the Ferrari brand. It’s more of an exclusive lifestyle club than just a car company at this point. The car is merely your ticket to join, but all Ferraris are not created equal.

The Ferrari California T bears the burden of being the entry-level member of this most exclusive club. It’ll get you in the door, but that’s about it. It is the low man on the totem pole, and in this world of elitist snobbery, many enjoy looking down on that. But you know what? If we can cast aside the country club mentality for a minute, the California T was, in many ways, the best real-world package Ferrari made. And now that it’s being replaced by the Portofino, the California T is one of the best value grand touring cars you can buy.

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Mod Top 1969 Plymouth Barracuda at the 2017 Radnor Hunt Concours

Mod Top Barracuda Grille//

Flower Power! Chrysler had a brief foray into the hippie market in the late Sixties, but it didn’t last all that long. Too bad for the rest of us, but when one of these Barracudas with the paisley top shows up, it grabs a lot of attention. They even came with inserts for the seats. Although few were made, they represent a quirky time in history when flower power wasn’t exclusive to just VWs. It’s no ‘Cuda, but this little ponycar wannabe sure can take us all for a ride. This example looked fantastic and far-out at Radnor last fall. Enjoy the photos. Continue reading Mod Top 1969 Plymouth Barracuda at the 2017 Radnor Hunt Concours

The Adorable Honda Beat at the Lane Motor Museum

Honda Beat Lane Motor Museum 4

What if someone told you they were gonna pick you up in a bright red mid-engine convertible sports car with Italian styling by Pininfarina and an engine that screams past 8,000 rpm. You would expect it to be something very impressive, a V8 Ferrari 458? a V10 Lamborghini Huracan? a V12 Pagani Zonda?

… and then this pulls up, the minuscule 3 cylinder Honda Beat!

I don’t know about you, but I’d be just as excited. I would insist on driving, though, because that’s where the fun is at. A car this light with a revvy engine and total connection with the road, I promise it’s just as much fun to drive in the real world as any Ferrari.

The Honda Beat is one of the Kei sports cars of the early 1990s. It went up against the Autozam AZ1 and the Suzuki Cappuccino. I love this genre of sports cars!

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Buick’s Turbo Twins on the House of Muscle

General Motors took the dowdy Buick Regal coupe and turned it into a legendary muscle car with the addition of a Garrett turbocharger and intercooler. In this episode of The House Of Muscle, Mike Musto shows us all a pair of the greatest turbo Buicks ever–a 1987 Grand National and the ultra-rare, legend-worthy GNX. These are among my top-ten 1980s American cars, and I’m glad that they’re featured here. Enjoy the video.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI Tommi Makinen Edition at the Lane Motor Museum

Lancer Evo VI Tommi Makinen Edition Lane Museum 1

Rally driver Tommi Makinen won the World Rally Championship four years in a row between 1996 and 1999. For 2001, Mitsubishi made a special Tommi Makinen Edition Evo to commemorate his victories.

The Evo VI was never sold in the US, so this is a very rare car to see stateside. The Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, TN has this and a bunch of other rare cars on display, many of which were also not sold here.

I do have a soft spot for these road-going rally specials. Enjoy!

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Ford GT at the Philadelphia Auto Show

Ford GT Philly 3

The new Ford GT is a striking automobile. There’s no way to downplay the effect its design has on your senses. It’s beautiful and a spaceship at the same time, and it has taken supercar design to the next level.

We got to check this one out at the Philly Auto Show. Enjoy!

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Spyker C8 Spyder at the Morris Plains Cars and Coffee

Spyker C8 Spyder Panels Open

Sometimes, winter Cars and Coffee do happen. And just when I was about to leave and get some fried chicken, a Spyker suddenly stands in between me and a fried chicken food coma. Of course, when it’s a blue C8 Spyder like this one, the chicken’s going to lose, and it’s going to lose big. The craftsmanship on these cars is pure artwork from start to finish, with exposed linkages, quilted leather, and impeccable paintwork. It’s truly a treat to see one of these in the flesh and I was not expecting it. But of course, I welcome a Spyker with open arms, just as I would welcome a new pet into the family. Just watch those sharp edges! Continue reading Spyker C8 Spyder at the Morris Plains Cars and Coffee

Evo Shows Us Around the McLaren Senna

The details of the McLaren Senna are immense. This may be the most track-focused version of a supercar to-date… to the point where the car is actually illegal for road use in Race Mode.

It’s a badass car for badass people who live badass lives. People who will walk out of Starbucks with a big straw in a small iced latte, J-walk to their car across the street, and drive off in Race Mode right in front of a cop. Hell yeah, unlike airflow, society can’t hold this thing down!


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