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The Enthusiast’s Guide to the Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0T (952)

Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce (2017) - picture 2 of 23 - Front Angle - image resolution: 1280x960

What is it?

The Giulia is Alfa Romeo’s rival to the benchmark BMW 3 Series. It is a turbocharged sport sedan that brings some much needed Italian style and flavor to this popular segment in the entry-level luxury market.

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Highlights from Radwood Philadelphia 2018


This was the first Radwood event on the east coast, and it was surely one of my favorite events of this year. Radwood is a car-based celebration of 1980s and 90s culture and the stuff that showed up was extremely interesting. I’ll let the highlights do the rest of the talking for now. There’s much more to come. Enjoy!

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Highlights from Cars and Caffe at Garden State Plaza Fall 2018


I love Cars and Caffe because it draws the entire enthusiast spectrum, everything from beater Miatas to classic muscle cars to heavily modified cars to million dollar hypercars. It’s a real show of enthusiasm for the automobile, and there’s no other show quite like it.

I’m a firm believer that car people are largely the same, just at different socio-economic levels. The person in the E46 M3 would be the one in the Ferrari 488 if he had more money, and vice versa if the person in the Ferrari had less money. You can really see that when you go to a show like this.

Naturally, I tend to focus more on the exotics in my photos, despite me being the guy rolling up to the show in a Miata. Rest assured, I’d do the same with a Pagani if I had those sort of means.

Lots of people really love cars, and that becomes crystal clear when you’re at this show. There is hope yet for the enthusiast automobile!

Enjoy the gallery.

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Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio at Concorso Ferrari


The Alfa Stelvio QV is the SUV to have if you really wanted a high-performance sports sedan, but needed AWD and some extra practicality. This red one was at Concorso Ferrari, and I fell even more in love with it there.


What I Learned Driving the Alfa Romeo Stelvio back-to-back with the Giulia


Regular drivers in regular cars doing regular things in their regular lives. If you ask most people, they don’t aspire to be just regular, yet, overall, most of us wind up doing regular shit day in and day out. Life defaults to being excruciatingly routine if you let it. The “good enough” mindset sets in, and one day you wake up just another average Joe or Jill. It’s a fact of life. We all make sacrifices in the name of convenience and practicality because to do otherwise usually causes more struggle than necessary. That makes everything work smoothly, but it also totally dulls your life experience, and frankly, it’s depressing.

Compromise is the reality, though. The fact is, most genuinely remarkable things in life are exceedingly impractical and don’t really fit into the lives of most people. In our minds, we’d all love to be that stylish and interesting person who’s always going on adventures, seemingly without a care in the world… or a budget, for that matter. That idealistic perception can never really be fulfilled, but what we all can do is make our compromises intelligent. Okay, maybe you can’t really be the guy who daily drives a sexy classic Italian sports car. Even if you can afford one, if you have a family it doesn’t really work out that well, and that’s not even counting the car’s functional lack of reliability. The dream doesn’t have to die with a boring minivan or nameless sedan, though. There is a very real middle ground that can give you most of the experiences you’re yearning for while also satisfying your practical needs.

Car enthusiasts, like myself, are well aware of this, but the average consumer may not be as turned on to it. I’ve seen a lot of more casual car people go from driving something genuinely fun to something awful like a Minivan or a mundane SUV. It’s sad, and it’s not necessary. Meet Alfa Romeo, a company that makes sports cars of different sizes and shapes.

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1934 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Figoni Cabriolet at Amelia Island


Styled by the famed Figoni design house in Paris, this beautiful Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 had to be hidden from the Nazis during the war. And aren’t we so glad it was saved so that it could win best in class this year at Amelia Island?!

More details below. Enjoy the gallery!

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Alfa Romeo TZ Spotted on Amelia Island


We saw this little Alfa TZ cruise by on the road during the Concours Parade. Its beautiful design was penned by Zagato, and it’s one of the most iconic Italian sports cars of the 1960s. It’s amazing just how small the TZ is in person, though. When you’re used to seeing it in photos, you aren’t expecting it to be smaller than a Miata. I just love it!

-Nick Walker

Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Coupe by Nastasi Racing at Greenwich

Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Coupe Nastasi Racing 5

Ah, the legendary Alfa Romeo Tipo 33. It was a successful racing platform, and it birthed one of my most lusted-after road cars of all time, the Tipo 33 Stradale.

Get this though, this 1975 Tipo 33 racecar is powered by a 3 liter flat 12 that makes a massive 500hp at 11,000 RPM. I wonder how that sounds…

Enjoy the gallery!

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