Scarsdale Concours d’ Elegance: Ford Rat Rod

This epic Ford rat rod was at the Scarsdale Concours d’ Elegance. It was very well done, with a brutal supercharged V8 powering it. One has to wonder why someone would give it all that power with such skinny rear tires, but hey, it sure caused a scene amongst high society. This glorious rat rod stood in stark contrast to the high dollar luxury cars that filled the streets that day. It was a big calloused middle finger to the Rolls Royce crowd, with their pocket watches, and yippy appetizer dogs. This thing added a bit of flavor to this year’s event that is not normally present at a Concours, and for that I loved it. This is one of the coolest rat rods I have ever seen, the supercharged V8, the red wheels on whitewall tires, everything about it screamed “F**k you society!”. And at the end of the day, that is what a rat rod is supposed to say, so it is quite proper. Enjoy the pics.

-Nick Walker

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