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This stuff isn’t our own work, but we found it cool so we wanted to share it with you

Rob Ferretti Compares the Different Generations of NSX


David Freiburger Talks Cooper Mud Terrains

Here’s some tire talk with David Freiburger of HOT ROD Magazine. Most people forget that DF is a massive off-roading guy and he’s quite knowledgeable about Jeeps and what to do with them for fun. This was an interesting watch and I happened to learn a lot from watching Dave talk about mud-terrain tires. I think you may find this informative as well. Enjoy the video.

I think we all need to learn how to properly perform an oil change.

Well, I do know how to perform an oil change. But I’m sure you might be sitting there wondering, how do I do that so I can save some money? Ask, and ye shall receive, because the helpful folks over at Handyman Corner have some tips for you. Continue reading I think we all need to learn how to properly perform an oil change.

Evo Shows Us Around the McLaren Senna

The details of the McLaren Senna are immense. This may be the most track-focused version of a supercar to-date… to the point where the car is actually illegal for road use in Race Mode.

It’s a badass car for badass people who live badass lives. People who will walk out of Starbucks with a big straw in a small iced latte, J-walk to their car across the street, and drive off in Race Mode right in front of a cop. Hell yeah, unlike airflow, society can’t hold this thing down!