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The Bizzarrini 5300 S.I. Spyder Trio at the Concours of America

Bizzarrini 5300 Spyder Trio Concours of America 2

These are the only three Bizzarrini 5300 S.I. Spyders built, the entire production run by Stile Italia, and they all belong to the same family. Now that’s fun, ain’t it?

They decided to bring them all out together for the Concours of America this year, and my, what a spectacle they were. Stunning, curvaceous Italian metal draped over what is essentially a racing chassis with a built 350ci Chevy V8 that makes 420hp. Yes, back in the mid-late 1960s, these Bizzarrini supercars were about as serious as a road car could be. American muscle powering Italian handling, and beauty, it is a perfect combination!

Giotto Bizzarrini was an ex-Ferrari engineer, one of the heads of the 250 GTO program. One day, Enzo Ferrari pissed him, and a bunch of other engineers off, and they all left the Ferrari in spite. Giotto Bizzarrini went on to design the V12 used by Lamborghini from the 1960s until just recently. He then founded a company under his own name, and started building the gorgeous cars you see here.

Obviously, Bizzarrini’s company didn’t last; they went bankrupt in 1969. But that left their machines a rarity among sports and racing cars, and they are highly treasured today.

I had seen the silver prototype and the blue Spyder before on different occasions, but never the red one. What a treat to see all three 5300 Spyders together! They are a beautiful and impressive nook in the lineage of Italian Sports Cars.

Enjoy the gallery!

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Highlights From Hershey Part 1

Hershey Elegance Daimler

We visited The Elegance At Hershey this past weekend out in Hershey, PA. There were many beautiful cars in attendance, but the swoopy 1948 Daimler you see above won Best in Show. This was my second time seeing that particular car. It won Best in Show a few years back in Detroit, and it stunned me just as hard this time around.

This is the first Gallery of highlights from the show, with much more to come.


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Classic European Cars at the Greenwich Concours

Ferrari 250 California at Greenwich 2014

These are some of the classic European cars at the 2014 Greenwich Concours d’Elegance. Everything from legendary sports and racing cars to iconic luxury cruisers were present, there was a great turnout.

Enjoy the gallery!

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1967 Bizzarrini Spyder S.I. 5300 Targa at Hershey

Bizzarrini Spyder SI 5300 Targa at Hershey 1

This gorgeous 1967 Bizzarrini Spyder S.I. 5300 Targa was present for The Elegance At Hershey last Summer. It is one of just three Bizzarrini Spyders built, and the second I’ve been lucky enough to lay eyes on in person. I saw the 5300 Spyder Prototipo at the Concours d’Elegance of America in Michigan back in 2012.

Another result of Enzo Ferrari pissing people off, these Bizzarrinis are breathtaking automobiles that utilized the knowhow of one of the foremost automotive engineers of the era, Giotto Bizzarrini. Before founding the company bearing his name, Giotto Bizzarini masterminded the Ferrari 250 GTO and designed the Lamborghini V12 that was in use until 2011.

These Bizzarrini 5300s were serious performers of their day. When a Ferrari 275 GTB had a 330hp, these Bizzarrinis made use of a 420hp V8 sourced from the Corvette Stingray. This is Italian and American work in perfect harmony. Enjoy the photos.

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The Elegance at Hershey 2013

1938 Talbot-Lago T-150 CSS
1938 Talbot-Lago T-150 CSS

We attended the The Elegance at Hershey this past weekend. It was actually our second show of the day, so time was precious to begin with, but the rain wound up cutting the event even shorter. It actually turned out to be favorable for us because most people left the show, leaving the cars largely unobstructed for photographs. The clouds also made the lighting fantastic for shooting classic cars, by both reducing glare and making to colors more striking. Our time in Hershey was a bit rushed, but I like how the pics came out. There were some really fantastic cars there too. This is an overview gallery of the event. There will be specific features to follow. Enjoy. Continue reading The Elegance at Hershey 2013