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Roadkill meets LeMons…and a Datsun gives its engine for the cause.

Roadkill is essentially two guys wrecking cars for our benefit. And thanks to the 24 Hours of LeMons, a rusty-crusty old Datsun named the Rotsun, a GM V6 with a turbo, and a lot of elbow grease, we have lunchtime entertainment. Roadkill was off the channel for a while due to Roadkill Nights in Michigan, but Finnegan and Freiburger are back and they’ve completely outdone themselves. Watch, and enjoy.

-Albert S. Davis


Roadkill revives my favorite project car…then gives it to Pobst.

Randy Pobst should be given a Nobel Prize for the size of his stones. Nick and I both love Roadkill, the show from Motor Trend that features Hot Rod Magazine editors David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan doing nutball stuff with old cars, then subjecting them to either abuse or some sort of scatterbrained idea.  The Draguar, originally a Jaguar XJ12, packed a swapped small-block Chevy with a Weiand 671 blower (which self destructed at the drag strip), and now has a blueprinted V8 with over 600hp–they got it running again, washed it, and gave it to Randy Pobst.  Watch the rest to see what else happens–I was laughing so hard I really did fall off my chair, and I have the bruise on my arm to prove it.


-Albert S. Davis

Subaru gives Roadkill some money…chaos ensues.

When it comes to making lemons out of rotten lemons, Roadkill does quite a job. From supercharging a Chevy-powered Jaguar early on, to doing an engine swap on a ’68 El Camino in a parts-store parking lot in Reno, to dumping a motorhome-worn 440 Chrysler V8 into a rusted-out Dodge Charger shell, David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan work for Hot Rod Magazine and Subaru brought them a few Legacy sedans to compete against in three separate contests–a barrel race vs a beat-up Ford Ranchero, a rallycross race between a Legacy 3.6R and the “General Mayhem” (a beat-up 1968 Dodge Charger with a smog-choked 440 and worn-out axles), and a road race through an abandoned neighborhood against a turbocharged, Chevy V6-powered Datsun 240Z with more rust than sheet metal. I don’t want to reveal the ending–the video is worth watching. Go ahead, take an hour, and watch the video, it’s worth the time spent.

-Albert S. Davis