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Slammed Tucker at Cars and Coffee Amelia Island


Bitchin’: A slang term used to describe something with a cool yet unconventional swagger.

This slammed Tucker may not actually be an original, but it’s a damn good replica and it looks absolutely amazing slammed. Preston should’ve made all Tuckers look this good. Some may call it elegant, some may call it rebellious, but I just call it “Bitchin’.”

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1948 Tucker 48 “Torpedo” at The Concours of America


1948 Tucker Torpedo Concours of America 1

The Tucker 48 was a car that would’ve stuck it to the Big Three in the years following WWII, so much so that they had to essentially sabotage and filibuster Preston Tucker to ruin his company before he could get too far off the ground. It was a great example of American anti-capitalism, and a shameful moment in the auto industry on the part of the Big Three.

Preston Tucker did manage to produce a few production Tucker 48s, or “Tucker Torpedos” as they were known. 50 cars were completed in total, and it’s always a wonderful occasion when you get to see one up close. We saw this beautifully kept example at the Concours of America, near Detroit, Michigan.

Just look at the car with its fantastic details, and consider what a shame it is that Tucker was never able to really get off the ground. In 1948 the Tucker was nothing short of revolutionary. It was fast, it was safe, and it was stylish. There was nothing even remotely like it, and that’s what scared the shit out of the Big Three so much that they felt the need to play dirty… if I sound vindictive, it’s because I am. The Tucker was a true masterpiece, and it would have shown them up big time.

The remaining Tuckers are heavily sought after today. At auction, they’ll easily fetch seven figures. For more info on the Tucker 48, check out the video at the bottom of this post.

Enjoy the gallery of this icon of the American Auto Industry, and for more info on the Tucker 48, check out the video at the bottom of this post.

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Spotted! 1948 Tucker Torpedo, Carmel, CA

1948 Tucker Torpedo in Carmel CA

While at Monterey Car Week, we saw this incredible 1948 Tucker Torpedo numerous times. This was the first time that either Al or myself had seen a Tucker on public roads, so we made sure to get photos.

The first time we saw it was in Carmel, right as we were arriving for the Tour d’Elegance. We saw it cross the street a block down, realized it was a Tucker, and then I proceeded to sprint a block and a half to catch it. After that, Al was able to shoot it while we were in the car a few times, once in Monterey and once in Carmel.

Only 51 of these masterpieces were ever produced. They were way ahead of their time technologically, with a rear-mounted flat-6 engine (yes like a Porsche), and a center headlamp that turned with the steering wheel, among other things. They made a movie about Preston Tucker and his car, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in a great story. The Tucker is a legendary piece of American automotive history, and it was beyond thrilling to catch one out in the wild. Enjoy.

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