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I loved the shift knob on this Morgan 3 Wheeler


Just got back from a fun, but exhausting weekend in Boston at the Misslewood Concours. Check out this immaculate Morgan 3 Wheeler that showed up. I loved its wooden shift knob.



The Morgan 3-Wheeler will make you laugh uncontrollably

Not sure much else about the Morgan 3-Wheeler from this video because Matt Farah and Alex Roy were just giggling the whole time, but maybe that says all that needs to be said about this car.

All I know is, I want one….


New Hope Auto Show 2015 Day 2

New Hope 2 Ford GT Mercedes SLR

This is our highlight gallery from Day 2 of the 2015 New Hope Auto Show last weekend. Sunday is always about supercars and other european cars, and this year was WAY better than last year.

Everything from a Renntech Mercedes SLR McLaren, to a Lexus LFA, to a Porsche 959 were present, along with the most minty Lamborghini Diablo SV I’ve ever seen.

Enjoy the photos!

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Bucks County Exotics Meet 5/2/2014

Rossion Q1 at Bucks County Exotics
This Rossion Q1 and Ferrari 458 Spider were just the tip of the iceberg of awesome cars at the meet.

We were in attendance for the Bucks County Exotics meet last Saturday morning. I had a bit of an unexpected late night the previous evening, so it took everything I could muster to climb out of bed and drive over to Doylestown, PA for the meet. It is a cars and coffee style event, and many great cars show up each time, everything from hot rods to classics to supercars. Bucks County is a great area to enjoy driving fun cars, with lots of winding back roads cutting through the woods, and lots of scenic destinations to visit. It also happens to be a pretty affluent area, so everything seems to add up nicely to make an event like the Bucks County Exotics car meet possible.

Enjoy the photos and captions!

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Morgan 3 Wheeler spotted at Amelia Island

Morgan 3 Wheeler at Amelia Island 5

We went out to grab some things from the car during the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance, and we found this stunning Morgan 3 Wheeler sitting in the media parking lot. I’ve seen a few of these things around now, but this orange 3 Wheeler has to be the most striking one yet. I just love the fighter plane inspired bits. It gives the car a fun and exciting character that is irresistible. I had to snap a few pics of it, and I think they came out well. Enjoy!

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2013 New Hope Auto Show Day 2

1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS
1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS

After day two, I am convinced that 2013 has to be the best New Hope Auto Show I have ever attended. The first day had many fantastic American cars, and the second day had a barrage of phenomenal  foreign cars. The field ranged from modern exotics to classics, and I was thrilled with the sheer variety of cars; not just a bunch of the same types of Ferraris lined up.

Highlights included some truly breathtaking pre-war Rolls Royces, a variety of special Porsches, and one of the prettiest Mercedes 300 SLs I have ever laid eyes on. There is much more, including a few cars not often seen in the US, so check out the gallery (below) to see. Enjoy the photos.

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Scarsdale Concours d’ Elegance: Morgan Aeromax

To my knowledge this car is not officially imported into the United States, so seeing one in person here was a real treat. Morgans are extremely cool cars, and I think the Aeromax is their best design yet. It has a unique mix of nostalgic appeal and modern design. Like many of the 1930’s Art Deco Era cars, the Aeromax’s swooping lines make it seem like it is going 100mph even when it’s sitting still. Unfortunately, the owner of this car was a typical rich jerk, and the first thing he told me about the car was how much he paid for it and then how he had scammed his way out of paying taxes on it….. great guy. Needless to say, taxes on a $150,000 car are a decent bit of money, but if you can afford to spend that much on a car, then not paying your taxes on it just makes you a deadbeat low-life. Too bad, because I really loved this car, and it would be nice to see it in the hands of a more worthy human being. Either way, owner aside, the Aeromax looks stunning in these photos, so enjoy. Continue reading Scarsdale Concours d’ Elegance: Morgan Aeromax

2012 Scarsdale Concours d’ Elegance

We were in attendance for this year’s Concours d’ Elegance in Scarsdale, NY. This show is one of my favorites because the venue and time of year are just perfect for this sort of event. The Fall air is a bit crisp, the trees are turning all sorts of beautiful colors, the town is quite nice, and the cars are incredible. This is an overview gallery of the event, and certain cars will get their own features later on. Enjoy.

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