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Friendly’s Old Bridge Meet, March 5 2016

1966 Chrysler Newport
I don’t go to nighttime car meets that often, only because I’m not a big part of the scene in my local area. Luckily, it seems that the scene is more noticable south of my area than it is near where I live, and the Old Bridge car guys organized a great meet right by a good friend’s house. This meet had a little bit of everything, from a restored 1966 Chrysler Newport to a Buick Grand National, to a Hellcat, to a pair of very loud (and rather fun) old ex-police Crown Vics. Much fun was had, even though I couldn’t get dinner at Friendly’s due to the line and the fact that the Old Bridge PD shut it down after about 3 hours. I’ll definitely show up to the next event, and hopefully the Miata’s top will be replaced after the rear window exploded. Enjoy the short selection of photos from the event.

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America’s Most Obsessed Saab Collector

On this segment of Jalopnik on Drive we get an inside look at a man, Bruce Turk, who is probably America’s most obsessed Saab enthusiast and collector. These quirky cars inspire the hearts of many people, and Bruce is a great example of how to Saab properly. Enjoy!


Petrolicious makes us all want a Saab Sonett

It doesn’t get too much more offbeat than a front wheel drive sports car with a two-stroke engine, and that is exactly what the Saab Sonett is. Petrolicious, as usual, has produced an incredible motion picture that will make you lust over a car you may not have considered before. I swear, if they did a video on a four cylinder Toyota Camry, I would probably want one quite badly after viewing it. Enjoy.


BMW and Saab, a match made in Heaven

BMW and Saab

Recently it was reported that BMW had expressed interest in purchasing Saab Automobiles. After hearing this news I found myself constantly pondering the possibilities of this acquisition and how BMW could make Saab work in the market where GM had failed. BMW will of course be in contention with numerous other bidders, however after much thought I see BMW as the most perfect match possible for the Saab brand and its resurgence.

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Test Driven: 1995 SAAB 900 S

On the left is the owner, Adam Schaffer.

As most of our readers remember, I tested out a new Saab 9-3X wagon and found it to be lacking in any features that made it stand out from its competitors.  But, Saab has always marched to the beat of its own drum (which, ironically, led it right to the poorhouse), for better or for worse. My Aunt’s family lives in Albany, NY, and they have owned this red 900 hatchback since it was new, and they won’t get rid of it.  It’s rusty, it’s crusty, and it has 174,000 miles on it.  But, I approached it with a question: How good is a 17 year old Saab that’s spent most of its life in the Rust Belt?  On a cold night in December, my uncle tossed me the keys and I found out. Continue reading Test Driven: 1995 SAAB 900 S