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Highlights From the Philly Auto Show

Bugattis in Philly

We visited the Philadelphia Auto Show this weekend and there were lot’s of sights to be seen. The exotics displays were as good as they’ve ever been, largely thanks to CF Charities and their friends. The hypercar game was strong, with two Bugattis and 3 very unique American offerings from SSC, Mosler and Saleen, among others. It was insane.

The rest of the show was top-notch too, with many of the latest and greatest offerings were on display. We also got to take a quick spin in the new KIA Stinger GT, and the car made a great first impression.

Enjoy the photos, some are mine and some are courtesy of my friend and co-worker Sam Chun. These are some highlights with plenty more to come.

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Some Highlights From the CF Charities Supercar Show in Philadelphia

Lamborghini Aventador

We attended the CF Charities Supercar Show at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia this weekend. This was the first year for the event in Philly, and we liked the new venue a lot. There were some truly incredible cars, and there’s a lot more to come, but here are some highlights for starters.


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The Stunning Supercar Display at the Philly Auto Show


Usually the FC Kerbeck display of Aston Martins and Lamborghinis is the high point of auto exotica at the Philly Auto Show, but this year was very different. A local collector decided to bring his personal collection of ultra rare, limited production supercars to display.

We’ve featured most of them before in our coverage of the owner’s CF Charities Supercar Show, but these cars are so rare that you don’t pass up a chance to shoot them. What I find most interesting, is that (other than the Ferrari) these are  all the ultimate versions of exotic American supercars from Saleen, Mosler, and SSC. There are many great car collections in the world, but this one his absolutely unique, namely because the Mosler is a one-off and the Saleen is 1 of 3.

I remember being a kid and just oogling at the supercars on display at the Philly Auto Show. I admit, seeing a standard Lamborghini doesn’t do what it once did for me at this point, but seeing these insane cars lined up together brought me back to that feeling.


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Fast & Exotic American Things At The CF Charities Supercar Show

Saleen S7, Mosler Raptor GTR and SSC Ultimate Aero at CF Charities Supercar Show

We went to the CF Charities Supercar Show this past weekend, and there was some serious American metal there. Not muscle cars, as you might expect, but an array of hyper-exotic supercars from US manufacturers, oh, and of course an imposing Black Hawk helicopter courtesy of the US Army. It was a very exciting event  with eye candy in many forms, fast cars, deadly aircraft, and beautiful women — our founding fathers would be so proud!

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Bucks County Exotics Meet 10/5/2013

Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster

I attended the Bucks County Exotics meet this past weekend with my friend, Rich. It is a “cars and coffee” style event, and often times there is a cruise afterward for those who wish to partake. This time around, the route took us through many of the scenic covered bridges in Bucks County, PA. The turnout at the meet was phenomenal, and the cruise was a great time (and no speeding tickets to boot). Surely this is one of the better ways to spend a Saturday morning. Enjoy the photos.

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CF Charities Supercar Show: SSC Ultimate Aero #15

SSC Ultimate Aero number 15

This is the car that stole the “Fastest Production Car” title from the original Bugatti Veyron. While the Germans have since reclaimed that title with the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, SSC hopes their car will one day even oust that car too. The Ultimate Aero you see here is the car to do it, redesigned for better aerodynamics, and now with 1,287hp on tap from its twin turbocharged 6.3L V8. While the official SSC record stands at 256mph, this updated version is said to be capable of 270mph (hence the license plate). We’ll see if they are able to pull off that speed when they get around to actually testing it, but the fact that it’s even possible is mind blowing.

As for SSC themselves, their name stands for “Shelby Super Cars”, and no, they do not have any relation to Carroll Shelby….. and that is always the first question you have to answer whenever telling someone about this car. The car you see here is car number 15. With SSC being such a small car maker, I assume that means 15 total production and not just the 15th of the updated Ultimate Aero models. Either way, this is an extremely rare car, and surely the only one around in my area. The owner of this car put on a supercar event to benefit his charity, and his Ultimate Aero stood proud as the centerpiece for the event. It was also the first SSC I have ever laid eyes on in person, so it was a pretty special occasion for me personally. Stunning car, and a great color for it. Enjoy the photos.

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