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What does a car-enthused lifestyle look like?

Podcast 8: What Japanese Carmakers Seem to Miss

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Miata Meditation

Miata Meditation

I’ve owned my Miata Club Edition for two years now, and I’m still absolutely in love with it. That said, I have often thought back to why I didn’t get one of the faster, maybe more impressive cars I was considering at the time (Corvette, M3, Cayman, etc). I remember it was a feeling, a sense of calm rather than excitement or lust. It resonated so clearly with the personal journey I had been on that it seemed just right.

Moderation. Not abstinence, nor indulgence. That was one of the main philosophies of the Buddha, at least as I’ve come to understand. Many may find it odd that I apply Buddhist philosophy to my own pursuit of material pleasures, but for a car enthusiast it is a way of life. I’m not over here trying to be a monk, giving up all material things. I’m a real man with my share of hypocritical beliefs and practices, and I actually quite enjoy being afflicted with desire. Sure, it brings with it pain and anxiety, but it also makes life interesting. Like sitting on the tip of a pin, you feel very alive despite the side effects.

The key is to also be mindful, so you don’t take things too far and find yourself consumed to the very core with material interests. You have to keep these things in context with the experience you’re looking to have in life. I never want to be one of those people who can’t be happy no matter how far they go or how high they climb. What’s the point of all that if you’re going to die miserable anyway? Learning to embrace “what is” is just as important as focusing on “what could be.” Both are important to me, so I try and share my focus between each.

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David Freiburger Talks Cooper Mud Terrains

Here’s some tire talk with David Freiburger of HOT ROD Magazine. Most people forget that DF is a massive off-roading guy and he’s quite knowledgeable about Jeeps and what to do with them for fun. This was an interesting watch and I happened to learn a lot from watching Dave talk about mud-terrain tires. I think you may find this informative as well. Enjoy the video.

I think we all need to learn how to properly perform an oil change.

Well, I do know how to perform an oil change. But I’m sure you might be sitting there wondering, how do I do that so I can save some money? Ask, and ye shall receive, because the helpful folks over at Handyman Corner have some tips for you. Continue reading I think we all need to learn how to properly perform an oil change.

The Lincoln Mark VII Chronicles, Part V: “What’s that Noise?”

Mark VII Front//

By the end of July, the Lincoln was temporarily out of commission. I’d tried to drive it to work, but now it was clear that I wasn’t going anywhere. A dead battery sidelined it, while I was far too lazy at the time to fix anything on it. Continue reading The Lincoln Mark VII Chronicles, Part V: “What’s that Noise?”