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1983 Maserati Quattroporte III spotted in Jacksonville, FL

Maserati Quattroporte Front//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Sometimes, you should expect the unexpected. This time, Nick and I were just moments from our hotel. about to relax for a bit before a night of karting and general tomfoolery before Concours Saturday. As we turned off the main drag for the airport into our hotel parking lot, Nick grabbed my attention at the left-turn lane–it was an old Quattroporte. What we have here is a stunning example of Eighties excess, and the last hand-built Maserati sedan before they left the USA market (to return later). Enjoy the photos of this rarely-seen Italian Stallion. Continue reading 1983 Maserati Quattroporte III spotted in Jacksonville, FL


Hot Pink Maserati Quattroporte spotted in Freehold, NJ

At the mall yesterday, I noticed this gem in the parking lot. It’s a pink Maserati Quattroporte Q4, and judging from the wording on the side, it belongs to a local divorce attorney. This is definitely one way to get your business noticed, especially by the sort of gentlemen who will wind up needing a divorce attorney. Plus, it’s a Quattroporte, not a Ghibli, so you know they must be pretty good at what they do.


Maserati MC12 Corsa at The Quail

Maserati MC12 Corsa Quail 6

This is the track version of the street version of that racecar Maserati made back in the mid 2000s, the MC12 Corsa. It’s one of just 12 examples built, and it costs $1,470,000 more than the inbound US President has paid in taxes in the last 20 years (fun fact!).

Naturally, we didn’t see such a beast at just any venue. This thing was at The Quail, a show for people who are above going to Pebble Beach. It’s the sort of place us car guys dream about, a place where you’ll rub shoulders with the likes of Horacio Pagani or Valentino Balboni, and you’ll get to see cars you’ve barely been able to imagine.

This MC12 Corsa is one of those automotive unicorns. A “normal” Maserati MC12, of which they made 50, is crazy enough, but the Corsa is on a whole different level. It’s also got 745hp to the standard car’s meager 612hp. The biggest thing about the Corsa is that it’s based directly on the race-winning MC12 GT1, rather than the road-going Ferrari Enzo. Not technically street legal, it was designed to be a track day toy like the Ferrari FXX.

Even so, this MC12 Corsa was spotted driving around on the streets around Monterey during Car Week festivities. It must have been awesome weaving through traffic in this, and it’s well-known that the cops generally interpret street “legality” pretty liberally during the week. Hell, I myself have seen a Porsche 935 roll by in downtown Carmel a few years back.


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It’s one thing to collect supercars, it’s another thing to collect hypercars

For me the GT1 homologation era has been the epitome of the high performance automobile thus far. These were actual race cars that had been converted for road use, and they make the hypercars of today seem like shallow status symbols. You actually need a decent amount of skill to drive a McLaren F1, a Mercedes CLK GTR, or a Porsche 911 GT1 at all, let alone quickly.

This video from The Supercar Driver shows us a collection with all of them, as well as a glimpse into the ultra-exclusive world of trading automobiles at the highest end.


The Paddock at Lime Rock: Ferrari 250 TR and Maserati 300 S

Ferrari 250 TR Maserati 300S at Lime Rock

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Well, this one is worth that, plus around $30-40 million. These two legendary Italian racing cars sat side together, waiting to greet us as we began our day at the Lime Rock Historics. It’s great to see they’re still being used as intended after all these years, even despite their substantial value. Racecars should be raced, plain and simple. They aren’t meant to be paperweights.


Highlights from the 2016 Greenwich Concours Day 1

Greenwich Concours 16 Pink Ford T-Bird

We had a fun, but rainy, weekend at the Greenwich Concours d’Elegance, especially on Sunday. Saturday was quite nice, though, and there was a spectacular array of cars on the field. This is our highlight gallery from Day 1.


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Various Racing Machines in the Laguna Seca Paddock

Porsche 956 Laguna Seca Paddock

Some more shots from the Paddock of Laguna Seca during Monterey Car Week, here is a gallery of awesome racing cars, old and new.

I always love seeing the old pre-war racecars sitting right next to more modern racecars, like Group C, because it really puts in perspective how far the automobile has come in just a few decades. That said, the drivers of those older racing cars were men among men. Those cars were not especially slow at all, reaching over 100mph, but with very primitive technology.

Enjoy the spectacle!

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The Epic Saga of Sir Stirling Moss

Sir Stirling Moss will always be among the most revered racing drivers in history. His story is nothing short of miraculous. He danced with death every time he got in a car, and he’s lived to enjoy his golden years as a hero of the motoring community.

Moss experienced the greatest victory, unfathomable fame, the most beautiful women, the fastest cars, and the most treacherous of wrecks. And through everything he has always kept his hysterical sharp wit and uncompromising sense of class and sportsmanship.

His story is truly remarkable, and I had the honor of seeing Sir Stirling Moss speak a few years back at Lime Rock.

Enjoy his fascinating story!


Make sure you never get a raise again with this ’03 Maserati Spyder for Just $19,995!!!

Used Maserati Spyder

Does your boss drive a nice car after working hard for years and years climbing the career ladder? Well now it’s time to beat them at life while you’re still lower-middle management!

Just imagine the look on their face when you pull up next to them, 5 minutes late, in your shiny new (to you) Maserati Spyder. Sure, they may have paid the full $80,000 on their brand new generic Audi or Mercedes, but theirs doesn’t say “Maserati” on it like your new chariot does.

What’s more, this pleasure of showing up your superiors comes at a price of JUST $19,995. You can’t even get a Honda Civic with a pleather interior for that much, but you can get this 170 mph Italian stallion. With its sporty paddle shifters, you’ll be driving around like Mario Andretti!

Okay, maybe there are other cars out there that get more than 10 MPG. And maybe there are other cars where 30,000 miles isn’t considered “high mileage” from a servicing standpoint. Maybe a Honda dealer wouldn’t charge $500 for an oil change. And maybe everything in a Civic would still work 6 months after you bought it.

So what?

Do you really want to wait until you’ve proven yourself to have the status you already know you deserve?

Why go through all that crap when instant gratification is right at your fingertips? Just do it!

Fitty Cent drives a Maserati, and now you can too!

By purchasing this sleek pasta-rocket, you’re taking the short cut to the top in life. Successful people will treat you as one of their own, and all the losers from your high school will be super jelly on Facebook and Instagram.

Life is all about scoring points, so go for the grand slam!

Used Maserati Rear Used Maserati Interior Used Maserati Side


Radnor Hunt 2015 Porsche 959 Front

And now we bring you our second round of highlights from the 2015 Radnor Hunt Concours d’Elegance. These were some of the more modern cars on the field, everything from supercars like the Porsche 959 seen above, to a Dodge Charger with a 426 Hemi under the hood. The Radnor Concours was really great this year.

Enjoy the gallery!