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1932 Auburn 12-160A Speedster at the 2017 Radnor Hunt Concours

Auburn 12-160 Front//

Auburn was a featured marque this past year at Radnor and luckily for us all, Auburn owners in the area delivered in fine style. This deep jewel green 1932 V12-powered speedster looked incredible in the flesh at the Radnor Concours. It’s one of just twelve equipped with the V12 engine and this particular boat-tail body style. These were cars built truly for the aristocracy, with 84 of this body style rolling out of the factory in 1932. These were fine cars in their day, and are even more highly regarded now. I especially love the dark green finish–everyone talks about the stunning pastels that show up in all of the glossy calendar shots, yet this deep, attractive finish was probably more of the time period and gives this large roadster a real sense of panache. Enjoy the photos of this not-oft-seen cruiser. Continue reading 1932 Auburn 12-160A Speedster at the 2017 Radnor Hunt Concours


Buick’s Turbo Twins on the House of Muscle

General Motors took the dowdy Buick Regal coupe and turned it into a legendary muscle car with the addition of a Garrett turbocharger and intercooler. In this episode of The House Of Muscle, Mike Musto shows us all a pair of the greatest turbo Buicks ever–a 1987 Grand National and the ultra-rare, legend-worthy GNX. These are among my top-ten 1980s American cars, and I’m glad that they’re featured here. Enjoy the video.

Auburn 12-165 Salon Speedster at Radnor Hunt

Auburn 12-165 Salon Speedster 3

This was the cheapest 12 cylinder American luxury car in 1933, one third the price of a comparable Packard. But 1933 was an era in the shock of the Great Depression, and those with money had become more hesitant to flaunt their wealth around with things like fancy cars. As a result, only 14 of these Auburns were produced that year.

The car you see here has been restored to its original black and burgundy color scheme. Enjoy the photos.

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Callaway C12 Corvette at Cars and Caffe

Callaway C12 Corvette Cars and Caffe 4

This is the first Callaway C12 Corvette I’ve ever seen in person. I had the 1/18 AutoArt model as a kid, and I always loved its sleek design. Underneath the C12 was based on the C5 Corvette, but it was totally overhauled into the racing-derived exotic supercar you see here. Back in 1999 when a brand new C5 Vette sold for around $40,000 and did 177mph, the Callaway C12 sold for $200,000 and could reach +/- 200mph. Back in the late-90s / early-00s that was incredible performance, right on par with top tier supercars of the day.

There’s a very good reason I hadn’t seen one in person until now, and that’s because only 25 C12s were built. It’s quite a rare car, one coveted by collectors, and it was awesome to finally lay eyes on one in the flesh. Enjoy!

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