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Ferrari 488 GTB: Is Boosted Better?

Turbocharged, for better and worse. The Ferrari 488 GTB…

I came away from my drive in the 488 not entirely sold. I mean, how could I not fall in love with a twin turbo 661hp Ferrari?

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Impressions from the Jaguar I-Pace

The Jaguar I-Pace is the first electric car I’ve driven that I could actually see myself owning, and I say this having driven some of the fast Teslas.

I just found the Jag a better all around package. See, I’m not a fan of the idea of an electric sports car at all… totally ruins the point IMO. That said, I love the idea of having an electric daily driver, and the I-Pace just seemed to fit my taste a bit better than the Teslas.

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A quick spin in a ‘67 GTO

The GTO was the original Muscle Car and I got to take this beautiful ‘67 for a spin last week. This was my second time driving a 60s era muscle car, and first time in one that was an actual “muscle car” and not technically a “pony car.”

The GTO is a big comfortable cruiser with a big 400ci V8 that’s got some good pull and a ton of character. While definitely not fast by modern standards, the GTO did deliver the muscle car experience I was looking for, cruising around, looking good, with the soundtrack of a V8 rumbling or roaring. It really is an ideal boulevard cruiser, and that’s what the classic muscle cars were all about.

This GTO had the 3 speed auto, but in a big cruiser like this, I was more than fine with that. What I wasn’t fine with were the drum brakes, which really just don’t work in the modern world. Even at a safe following distance, if the soccer mom in front of you decides to slam on her brakes for a squirrel, you pretty little GTO will be toast. All drum brakes do is add a huge amount of un-needed anxiety to an otherwise quite pleasurable driving experience. I’d advise anyone looking to drive their GTO to convert to disc brakes ASAP, and save the originals for when you sell the car.

Save for the terror of the lack of brakes, I really enjoyed driving this GTO. It was a beautiful spec and it made me feel like a real bad muthafucka behind the wheel.


Toyota Soarer at RADwood Philly 2018

Yet more JDM fun, but this time from the cloudy shores of the Philadelphia Navy Yard. This is a Toyota Soarer, in its second generation, shown at RADwood Philly. The third generation model we know as the Lexus SC, but it was never marketed in the USA until that point. Enjoy the photos of this Japanese grand tourer. Continue reading Toyota Soarer at RADwood Philly 2018

Mazda Sentia at the 2018 AACA Fall Meet

Hershey’s AACA Fall Meet is a truly unpredictable beast. While it’s a great place to view pre-war and muscle cars alike, sometimes a JDM oddity shows up. Exhibit A is this very cool Mazda Sentia sedan, the RHD version of the 929 that Mazda sold in America during the early Nineties. The custom wheels set off the lines rather nicely. Continue reading Mazda Sentia at the 2018 AACA Fall Meet

Want a cheap Range Rover? Not after watching this, you won’t.

Range Rovers may be great when they’re new, but buy a used one, and the phrase “buyer beware” takes on a new and very sinister meaning. Here, Tyler Hoover, aka “Hoovie” of Hoovie’s Garage gives us the quick and dirty reasons why you should run away as fast as possible from old Range Rovers unless you know what you’re doing.

-Albert S. Davis

Series 1 E-Type Jaguar Convertible at the 2018 Scarsdale Concours


The Series 1 Jaguar E-Type is to this day one of the finest-looking automobiles to ever leave England. Here in America, it’s a regular at most Concours and regular classic car events. This dark blue Roadster made its mark in Scarsdale, but was hidden behind a few other cars on the main drag. No matter–it was found, and I was satisfied. Enjoy the photos of this beautiful British classic. Continue reading Series 1 E-Type Jaguar Convertible at the 2018 Scarsdale Concours

Highlights from Radwood Philadelphia 2018


This was the first Radwood event on the east coast, and it was surely one of my favorite events of this year. Radwood is a car-based celebration of 1980s and 90s culture and the stuff that showed up was extremely interesting. I’ll let the highlights do the rest of the talking for now. There’s much more to come. Enjoy!

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Doug Demuro drives a 1977 Cadillac Eldorado-and shows why I love them.

If you’ve been following this site for a while, you may be aware of my unrepentant love for cars of the Disco Era and my strange obsession with the Seventies Cadillac Eldorado. Doug DeMuro, who has a reputation for also liking unusual cars, takes this 1977 model out for a drive and shows us what he thinks of it–but also shows us why this was such a popular luxury car of the era.

-Albert S. Davis

MotorWeek shows us all what the GNX could do.

Back in 1987, Buick took their already-strong Grand National and turned 547 of them into the evil, Devil worshipping monster known as the GNX. MotorWeek tested one out and it’s clear that even then, it was special. Today, a good one can clear $75,000 and it’s easy to see why.

Albert S. Davis