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Nissan R32 Skyline at Radwood Philly


Helluva color on this thing too!



1987 Mercedes 560 SEL Koenig Specials, the “Raddest in Show” at Radwood Philly


This Koenig Benz was definitely my favorite car at Radwood Philly this year, and, evidently, others agreed because it won the “Raddest in Show” award.

It is the quintessential 80’s cocaine mobile, and I just couldn’t get enough of it. I mean the 560 SEL was already the top-level Mercedes of the day, shouldn’t that be good enough? Not if you’re trying to out-show all of the other drug dealers on the Miami strip. You’ll need a lot of extra sauce for that, and that’s where Koenig came in. They took your stately Benz and threw on a vulgar widebody kit, complete with Testarossa-style fake side vents, crazy offset wheels, and an enormous rear wing. The Koenig kit took your car from classy to extra sassy, and frankly, I’d be surprised if anyone who bought one of these brand new didn’t make their living selling narcotics of some type.

Enjoy the gallery of this Koecaine Benz!

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A cleanly modded BMW E46 M3 at he Scarsdale Concours


I love the E46 M3 and I especially love it in Laguna Seca Blue. This one was very nicely modified and it really popped against the exotics and classics at the Scarsdale Concours.

Enjoy the photos!

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Ferrari 488 and Alfa Giulia QV spotted in West Hartford, CT


Here’s a nice combo spot. Both are Italian, both are white, and both are turbocharged monstrosities. The 488, in particular, was quite loud, definitely modified. This is why we sat outside for lunch and it paid off.


Jay Leno Drive’s 1972 Dino Monza 3.6 Evo (Think Singer 911 for Ferraris)

It’s a Dino that’s been totally overhauled, and under the hood is a naturally aspirated version of the V8 from the F40, bored out to 3.6L, making around 400hp.

This really is the stuff dreams are made of…. and I’m talking the wettest kind.7


Highlights from Porsche of Princeton Cars and Coffee


I was able to squeeze in an hour at this cars and coffee held at my local Porsche dealer before breakfast with the family. It was one of those cases where I woke up early anyway, so why not just go? Boy was I glad I did. The cars were all very high quality and there’s plenty more features to come from it.

Until then, enjoy this highlight reel.


RUF R Turbo at Bergen Cars and Coffee

RUF R Turbo Exhaust//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Bright yellow has always looked good on RUF Porsches. This 996 R Turbo is no exception, and no one was expecting it when it pulled up at the Bergen Cars and Coffee last month. Enjoy the photos of this magnetic little number. Continue reading RUF R Turbo at Bergen Cars and Coffee

Ford Focus RS Power Modifications and Tuning


The Ford Focus RS is the hottest $40,000 car around right now. A new addition to the rally car segment in the US, it takes on the STI, the Golf R, and the echoes of Evos past. All things stock, the Focus RS seems to have them all beat, outgunning them by around 40 or 50hp, but what happens when aftermarket mods and tuning come into play?

The simple fact is the Focus RS’s stock turbo is out of breath around 380-400 crank horsepower on pump gas. Ford doesn’t use way oversized turbos in their cars, and as a result its basic tuning potential may seem a little lacking compared to, say, the Golf R or the Evo.

Having said that, fear not, because peak horsepower numbers are only a small portion of the story, especially for a street-driven car. So let’s have a look…

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Starting off 2017 right with a new intake on my Miata


My girlfriend, Gab, and I celebrated our second anniversary as a couple on New Years Eve, and, of course we got each other special anniversary presents. I got her a fancy new French wallet, and she got me a cold air intake for my Miata, Ace. New Years day was nice and warm here in the Northeastern USA, so I decided to install the intake so I could enjoy it in the unusually nice winter weather.

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Modified Lamborghini Huracan at Amelia Island

Stanced Lamborghini Huracan Amelia 6

This was a very cleanly modded Lamborghini Huracan at the Festivals of Speed at Amelia Island. I’m not usually one for silver on a Lamborghini because it’s a rather dull color choice, but the blue accents on its wheels added a nice pop to its look.

Pretty striking!

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RUF RT12 S at Radnor Hunt

RUF RT12 S Radnor Hunt 1

This is the second insane RUF I’ve seen for the first time this year. I caught a CTR3 at Greenwich, and then I found this RT12 S at Radnor Hunt.

The RUF RT12 S is based on the Porsche 997, but has been modified enough to be considered a new, non-Porsche car. It was available with a variety of options including various engine configurations, gearing, and a choice of RWD or AWD. Maximum power available was 685hp, and with the right gearing it’s capable of a staggering 225 mph.

We saw this thing accelerate hard as it left the show, and it was definitely tuned a bit rich because black smoke came out the tailpipes under full throttle. It’s a monster.

Enjoy the photos!

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