1987 Mercedes 560 SEL Koenig Specials, the “Raddest in Show” at Radwood Philly


This Koenig Benz was definitely my favorite car at Radwood Philly this year, and, evidently, others agreed because it won the “Raddest in Show” award.

It is the quintessential 80’s cocaine mobile, and I just couldn’t get enough of it. I mean the 560 SEL was already the top-level Mercedes of the day, shouldn’t that be good enough? Not if you’re trying to out-show all of the other drug dealers on the Miami strip. You’ll need a lot of extra sauce for that, and that’s where Koenig came in. They took your stately Benz and threw on a vulgar widebody kit, complete with Testarossa-style fake side vents, crazy offset wheels, and an enormous rear wing. The Koenig kit took your car from classy to extra sassy, and frankly, I’d be surprised if anyone who bought one of these brand new didn’t make their living selling narcotics of some type.

Enjoy the gallery of this Koecaine Benz!


-Nick Walker


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