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The Dream Realized: Driving My First Supercar


This was the moment the dream was first realized. I was finally driving my first bonafide supercar! It was this bright orange Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4, and I drove it on track at Exotics Racing in Las Vegas. This was also my first time on a proper race track too, so I had everything to learn.

I remember pulling out on the track. I just floored it in 1st and it broke all 4 tires loose, then chirped them again into 2nd. The ferocity of the acceleration and the roar of that V10 were unlike anything I could have imagined. Before that, I had only driven a few cars around 400hp, so this was by far the fastest car I’d experienced.

Being such a novice I did my best in the corners, TC saved me big time once, but I made full use of the short straight on all of my laps, clocking around 115 or so by the time I had to brake.

In hindsight, I was so sloppy, but I had a blast realizing my childhood dream of driving a supercar for the first time. A screaming Lamborghini is a great first experience to have.



Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary Edition at Liberty State Park


This is a very rare photo. It’s not because it’s a 25th Anniversary Countach in front of the Freedom Tower, but because there’s a Countach and nobody is even looking at it.

A rare sight, indeed.


Highlights from the Scarsdale Concours


We love the Scarsdale Concours because it has a much more relaxed vibe than most other Concours events and while it’s not huge in size, the cars are always top notch. This year did not disappoint. We’ll let the gallery do the rest of the talking.


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Highlights from Cars and Caffe at Garden State Plaza Fall 2018


I love Cars and Caffe because it draws the entire enthusiast spectrum, everything from beater Miatas to classic muscle cars to heavily modified cars to million dollar hypercars. It’s a real show of enthusiasm for the automobile, and there’s no other show quite like it.

I’m a firm believer that car people are largely the same, just at different socio-economic levels. The person in the E46 M3 would be the one in the Ferrari 488 if he had more money, and vice versa if the person in the Ferrari had less money. You can really see that when you go to a show like this.

Naturally, I tend to focus more on the exotics in my photos, despite me being the guy rolling up to the show in a Miata. Rest assured, I’d do the same with a Pagani if I had those sort of means.

Lots of people really love cars, and that becomes crystal clear when you’re at this show. There is hope yet for the enthusiast automobile!

Enjoy the gallery.

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Highlights from The NYC Harbor Iconic Motorcars Event by Driven by Purpose 2018


Viewing the world’s most exotic cars against the Manhatten Skyline, it’s a great premise for a show. That’s why Driven By Purpose chooses to hold this event in Liberty State Park, and it draws quite a turnout.

The show this year had to contend with the threat of rain in the area, but it was only overcast at the show itself. A good number of cars showed up and the quality was extremely high. Much more to come from this event, enjoy the highlights!

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Team Salamone’s Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster with Chrome / Purple TRON Wrap


We are huge fans of Team Salamone, and we always love photographing their car because it’s one of the wildest Lambos around. Here it is at Cars and Caffe last year. The chrome and purple color scheme was some serious next level stuff. Very different from the typical Lambo fruit salad look. We love it!

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Black Widow Spec Lamborghini Huaracan Spyder at Concorso Ferrari


Black and red is one of my favorite color combos, especially on a ferocious car like a Lamborghini. It just looks dangerous and intimidating, like nature’s warning to stay away in many species of venomous animals. It’s badass, especially on a Huracan “Spyder.”

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The Other Purple Lamborghini at Concorso Ferrari


Lamborghinis really should be purple. We featured the purple Diablo at Concorso Ferrari a few weeks back, and now we bring you the other purple Lambo at the show, this Huracan LP580-2.

It has a screaming V10 engine with 572hp to propel it’s relatively scant 3,062 lb mass, and with power sent only to the rear wheels it’s an extra handful over its AWD sibling. All that, and it’s dressed in a bright purple middle finger to everything mainstream society holds dear. I can’t get enough of this thing!


Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster: The Devil Wears Purple


There are only 4 purple Diablo VT Roadsters on this planet, and that’s a bit of a shame because Lamborghinis should be purple. For me, purple is the most wonderfully vulgar color on a sports car, something about it traditionally being a “girly color,” it’s just a big middle finger to everything that is conventional. It’s a cool color, the coolest on the scale, in fact, but somehow it looks so hot, right up there with fire orange.

I couldn’t get enough of this thing at Concorso Ferrari. It’s such a rare sight that it was worth drooling over for quite a while. The owner was very cool too.

Enjoy the gallery of this flying purple people eater!

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Highlights from Concorso Ferrari & Friend


The man himself, Horacio Pagani was in attendance for this year’s Concorso Ferrari & Friends. You can see him in the photo above, pulling off in a beautiful Huayra Roadster. It was unreal!

We made the 3 hour drive up to West Hartford because the buzz around this show was insane. Mr. Pagani’s attendance heralded the presence of most of the Pagani automobiles currently in the Northeastern USA. There were eight Pagani Huayras at this show, making this the largest assembly of Paganis I’ve laid eyes on since I visited their factory back in 2004.

There were also a ton of other incredible machines there, and the kids looked absolutely thrilled when they were riding in the cars (the big spectacle of the day).

Enjoy the highlights. There’s much more to come!

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