As good as the kid in me hoped it would be – Thoughts on the Lamborghini Huracan.

I was always amazed at how proper the Gallardo was as the “baby” Lambo. It was a more volume model with a much wider appeal than the V12 Lambos, but it remained a Lamborghini in terms of it driving experience. Watered down, the Gallardo was not, but it did have some clear areas for improvement. Namely it’s clunky single clutch gearbox, and it’s frustrating amount of safety understeer.

Enter the Huracan, still touting a ferocious n/a V10, but now sending it’s power through a modern dual clutch gearbox. And with the addition of torque vectoring, handling improvements seem promising.

I felt the same way about the Huracan as I did about the Ferrari 458 a few years ago. A modern supercar that actually drives as well as you imagine it would when you look at it. There aren’t any frustrating drawbacks.

That angry V10 engine is still the center of the experience, now with over 600hp on tap as the revs thunder up to 8500 rpm. It responds instantly to your right foot, and the acceleration is absolutely brutal.

With the new dual clutch gearbox, there’s no delay when shifting so the speed piles on at a dangerous rate. Be warned.. you may be going a lot faster than you think when you glance at the speedometer.

The dual clutch makes the Huracan better in every way over the Gallardo. Shifts happen much faster and much more smoothly in all situations. But it still has a noticeable jolt when you’re really on it, which is nice.

Handling wise, on the track, the Huracan works with its driver way better than the base Gallardo did. A lot of it comes from the torque vectoring when you start to get back on the gas exiting a corner, but the front end also just feels a lot more planted, and willing to rotate than before. It’s more like the Superleggera was in that regard.

I also loved the Huracan’s fighter jet inspired cockpit. It really sets a sort of “Top Gun” tone for your drive. The seats also had a nice mix of comfort for cruising and support for hard cornering.

The Huracan remains a proper Lamborghini at heart, while utilizing modern tech intelligently to be all it can be.

– Nick


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