Fun drive, but it left me a little cold. The M2 Competition.

I always enjoy driving BMWs. There are many great things about them. But I’ve never had a BMW set my soul on fire the way many other cars do. They’re good fun while I’m behind the wheel, but afterward, I’m all good. There’s no checking Autotrader listings, no contemplating my finances. Fun was had, moving on.

In every way this M2 Comp is very, very good. It’s quite fast, even struggling to put its power down at times. It handles extremely well with direct steering and a solid planted feel from its chassis. It’s DCT gearbox shifts quickly and obediently. It’s comfortable. It was the right color. It sounded decent. There’s nothing bad about the M2 at all. But it just didn’t leave me buzzing when the drive was over.

I find BMWs have a sense of seriousness in their character that detracts from the overall excitement. The M2 was more playful than other recent Bimmers I’ve driven, but it’s still too reserved for its own good.

One of the biggest problems for the M2 Comp is you can get an A90 Supra for around $10k less, and the Supra is a more lively and exciting car to drive on the road.

If you’re looking for more practicality than the Supra, why not buy a lightly used F80 M3? Rear doors help a lot if you actually need a back seat.

The only M2 worth actually buying IMO is one with a manual because that’s where it offers something more unique. If you’re going paddle shift, it’s simply out-flanked with better options in the market.

At just under 3,600lbs, it’s not that much lighter than an M4. It’s capable, but doesn’t feel as nimble as, say, a Supra or a Cayman, which weigh a few hundred lbs less. The M2’s dynamics are awesome for flat-out track driving, but it misses the art of feeling fun at 40mph. The best sports cars feel special all the time, no matter how fast you’re going. But at normal speeds the M2 feels pretty… normal.

The M2 is a great overall car, but it lacks the fizz I want when I spend $65k. Remember, you can buy a hell of a lot of used Porsche, Lotus, or Corvette for that price. And if you want brand new, an Audi TT RS is a more exciting and unique machine IMO.



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