Porsche 992 Carrera S: an approachable 911 Turbo distilled for the masses.

That’s not even an exaggeration. The 992 S is actually a little faster than a 997 Turbo in terms of acceleration. On the road it’s performance is explosive when fully deployed, but also measured enough to be enjoyed by more average drivers. Its speed is substantial, but with the PDK’s tight gear ratios you can actually enjoy the 992’s performance without having to stray into the triple digits. That’s a rarity for a car with this sort of punch.

The 992 feels like a nice step up from the 991.2 in terms of Porsche perfecting the turbocharged Carrera experience. It’s a more special feeling car IMO, with more attention paid to the noises it makes both inside and outside.

It’s handling is really sharp and it has some of the best steering you’ll find in a modern car. Everything it does has a sense of purpose and refinement to it, like the proper amount of time was taken to hone each aspect of the 992 experience to the point of being “just so.” I’ve driven many current sports cars that cost half as much and that deep sense of refinement isn’t there in the same way. This was a $148,000 car, but it felt like it.

Most of all, the 992 is never reduced to feeling like a normal car at sane speeds. It always feels special, and it always feels like a 911… surely a modern 911, but a 911 indeed.

It’s a sports car first, but also a GT car as a close second. I would absolutely jump at the chance to drive this thing across the country and back. It’s very comfortable and quite livable in the real world. If I had to pick one car to drive everyday for the rest of my life, something to do everything with, this would be a very strong contender.

Click it over to Sport or Sport Plus, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a backroad missile with handling, speed, and satisfying dynamics to match almost any supercar on real roads.

Yes the 911 has gotten bigger, but for what it’s gained in size, it’s also gained in modern purpose. It’s also one of the most well-built cars on the market. There’s a reason the 911 rules the sports car market, and that dominance seems set to continue.



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