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Highlights From the Philly Auto Show

Bugattis in Philly

We visited the Philadelphia Auto Show this weekend and there were lot’s of sights to be seen. The exotics displays were as good as they’ve ever been, largely thanks to CF Charities and their friends. The hypercar game was strong, with two Bugattis and 3 very unique American offerings from SSC, Mosler and Saleen, among others. It was insane.

The rest of the show was top-notch too, with many of the latest and greatest offerings were on display. We also got to take a quick spin in the new KIA Stinger GT, and the car made a great first impression.

Enjoy the photos, some are mine and some are courtesy of my friend and co-worker Sam Chun. These are some highlights with plenty more to come.

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The Stunning Supercar Display at the Philly Auto Show


Usually the FC Kerbeck display of Aston Martins and Lamborghinis is the high point of auto exotica at the Philly Auto Show, but this year was very different. A local collector decided to bring his personal collection of ultra rare, limited production supercars to display.

We’ve featured most of them before in our coverage of the owner’s CF Charities Supercar Show, but these cars are so rare that you don’t pass up a chance to shoot them. What I find most interesting, is that (other than the Ferrari) these are  all the ultimate versions of exotic American supercars from Saleen, Mosler, and SSC. There are many great car collections in the world, but this one his absolutely unique, namely because the Mosler is a one-off and the Saleen is 1 of 3.

I remember being a kid and just oogling at the supercars on display at the Philly Auto Show. I admit, seeing a standard Lamborghini doesn’t do what it once did for me at this point, but seeing these insane cars lined up together brought me back to that feeling.


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Consulier GTP at the Lime Rock Sunday In the Park: EDIT – Warren Mosler Responds

Mosler Consulier Limerock 1

The Internet is a funny place, folks. Sometimes you write something about an obscure car you saw at a car show, and then get a response from the very person who created that car. Well that’s exactly what happened here.

I saw this Consulier GTP at Lime Rock over Labor Day weekend, and I wrote the segment below after some quick research for context on the car. Evidently, Mr. Mosler had some issues with what I found, and hey, who else would know better than him, right?

I haven’t altered anything here. I wanted to let the man himself say his piece about the car he created. I have left my original words intact below along with his responses.

Read it for yourselves, and see what you come away with:

Mosler Consulier Limerock 2 Mosler Consulier Limerock 3

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Mosler MT900S at Festivals of Speed, Amelia Island

Mosler MT900 S Festivals of Speed Amelia Island 3

This rare bird caught my eye right away when I arrived at Festivals of Speed, Amelia Island, and not just because it was bright flaming orange. It’s a Mosler MT900S, an American supercar of which only around 35 road-going examples exist.

Mosler went bankrupt a few years back, but their US-bred supercars are well respected and sought after in the car community. These were genuinely racing cars for the street, hardcore performance machines to the bone. In fact, Mosler built more MT900 racecars than they did roadcars.

The MT900S was built from 2005 to 2011, and featured 5.7L or 7.0L V8 engines sourced from General Motors (ie the Corvette). I’m not sure which motor this orange MT900S had in it, but Car and Driver had an MT900S test car with a 600hp supercharged 5.7L V8. In their testing it ran 0-60 mph in just 3.1 sec, 0-100 mph in 6.5 sec, and did the 1/4 mile in 11.o sec @ 135 mph. Now that’s a decent kick in the ass, I don’t care who you are.

This Mosler was orange, and it was awesome. Enjoy the pics!

Also, check out our gallery of the one-off Mosler Raptor GTR, SSC UltimateAero, and other fun American things!

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Fast & Exotic American Things At The CF Charities Supercar Show

Saleen S7, Mosler Raptor GTR and SSC Ultimate Aero at CF Charities Supercar Show

We went to the CF Charities Supercar Show this past weekend, and there was some serious American metal there. Not muscle cars, as you might expect, but an array of hyper-exotic supercars from US manufacturers, oh, and of course an imposing Black Hawk helicopter courtesy of the US Army. It was a very exciting event  with eye candy in many forms, fast cars, deadly aircraft, and beautiful women — our founding fathers would be so proud!

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