The Stunning Supercar Display at the Philly Auto Show


Usually the FC Kerbeck display of Aston Martins and Lamborghinis is the high point of auto exotica at the Philly Auto Show, but this year was very different. A local collector decided to bring his personal collection of ultra rare, limited production supercars to display.

We’ve featured most of them before in our coverage of the owner’s CF Charities Supercar Show, but these cars are so rare that you don’t pass up a chance to shoot them. What I find most interesting, is that (other than the Ferrari) these are  all the ultimate versions of exotic American supercars from Saleen, Mosler, and SSC. There are many great car collections in the world, but this one his absolutely unique, namely because the Mosler is a one-off and the Saleen is 1 of 3.

I remember being a kid and just oogling at the supercars on display at the Philly Auto Show. I admit, seeing a standard Lamborghini doesn’t do what it once did for me at this point, but seeing these insane cars lined up together brought me back to that feeling.


SSC Ultimate Aero
1 of just 15 built, this is the car that beat the Bugatti Veyron’s 254 mph production car record with a 256mph run in Nevada. The car you see here is number 15. It boasts a twin turbocharged V8 that makes 1,287hp, and can supposedly hit 273mph, although that has yet to be confirmed outside of a computer simulation.


Saleen S7 Competition
One of only 3 S7 Competitions built, it has an upgraded engine with 909hp, over the standard S7 Twin Turbo’s 750hp.


Mosler Raptor GTR
This is the only one of these in existence. There are other MT900-variant Moslers, but this is the only Raptor GTR. It has two turbos, mounted right at each tailpipe, that feed its V8 enough air to make 840hp. That may be a little less power than the previous two, but this is also the lightest car in the display at just 2570lbs.


Ferrari 599XX
This is actually the first time I’ve laid eyes on one of these. It’s one of those insane Ferrari R&D programs that customers could partake in. I think it’s crazy that this 720hp track-only Ferrari has the least amount of horsepower here, but such is the insanity of the exhibition. This 599XX is also by far the most common car displayed, with a massive 29 units roaming the Earth.

IMG_3138 IMG_3133

-Nick Walker


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