A bright red McLaren F1 in the paddock at Laguna Seca

McLaren F1 Red 2

This is it, the McLaren F1, and in many ways it has remained the most insane hypercar ever made. Sure, it’s top speed of 240.14 mph has been beaten by a few other cars now, but it took the industry ten years to accomplish that. Even still, no one has been able to beat the McLaren without a boosted engine, and it’s likely the F1 may remain the fastest naturally aspirated car of all time.

Even if we forget about its monumental performance, the McLaren F1 is one of the most unique and clever designs ever to grace an automobile. 3 seats, with a central driver, two trunks on each side of the car right behind the doors, and gold plating lining the engine bay to reflect heat. It is an incredible experience getting to see an F1 up close, and pour over its every detail.

For the car’s 25th anniversary, McLaren has released unseen footage from the F1’s world record 240 mph run. See it below, and enjoy the rest of the photos!

McLaren F1 Red 6
McLaren F1 Red 8 McLaren F1 Red 1
McLaren F1 Red 5 McLaren F1 Red 3
McLaren F1 Red 7 McLaren F1 Red 11
McLaren F1 Red 4 McLaren F1 Red 10

-Nick Walker


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