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Ford Shelby Cobra Concept at the Amelia Island Concours


I finally got to lay eyes on the Ford Shelby Cobra Concept at Amelia Island this year. It’s a car I’ve seen every day in the form of a 1/18th scale model on my shelf, so seeing it in the metal for real was quite a thrill.

This was a fully functioning car with a real engine. I’m not sure if the original show car was fully functional, but this one had been fitted with everything it needed for enjoyment on the road. I really wish Ford had actually put this car into production back in the day, but at least I know the current owner has made good on their car.

Enjoy this gallery of what could have been a magnificent competitor to the Dodge Viper back in the mid-2000s.

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1978 Ford LTD Brougham 2 Door at Das Awkscht Fest


Ford may have been late to the party for downsizing their full size sedans, but they made sure the glitz and the glamour of the LTD Brougham stayed as gaudy as possible. Vacuum-powered headlight doors? Check. Color matched interior and landau vinyl roof? Double check. Whitewall tires and chrome wheel covers, complete with gorgeous door edge molding? Triple check. This car has the Malaise Era credentials that only President Gerald Ford could hope to match (or Carter). It’s a big red party, and we’re all invited. Continue reading 1978 Ford LTD Brougham 2 Door at Das Awkscht Fest

Ford Fairmont Futura Coupe at Cops and Rodders 2018

Ford Fairmont Futura Badge

Malaise Era cars are slowly gaining acceptance with the car-collecting hobby, and while the vast majority of America’s forgotten years of cars are slow to get attention, some have made theirs rise to the forefront of our mind. Continue reading Ford Fairmont Futura Coupe at Cops and Rodders 2018

The Shelby Daytona Coupe at the Simeone Museum


For this 4th of July post, I thought it fitting to share what is probably the most valuable and coveted American car on the planet, the Shelby Daytona Coupe at the Simeone Museum. It is one of just six Daytona Coupes made, and it may be the only one left in original condition. Simeone has written an expansive piece on the history of this car, which you can read here.

We hadn’t been to the museum in a while, so we decided to stop by after the rain hit the CF Charities event a few weeks ago. It’s always more than worth it to see all of the insane machines they have in one place. I highly recommend it!

Happy 4th!


Shelby Series 1 at Bonhams Auction, Greenwich


This rare Shelby Series 1, which was owned by Carroll Shelby himself, sold for $313,000 at Bonhams auction last weekend in Greenwich.

The Series 1 was an impressive car, Shelby’s own successor to the Cobra in many ways (even after the Dodge Viper existed) This particular car was the test car for the optional supercharger, which brought the engine up to 600hp and dropped 0-60 from 4.4 sec down to 3.2 sec. That was more than extremely fast back in the 90’s, however, only 249 Series 1s were produced because they were quite expensive for their day at around $180,000.

One thing I hate, but also kind of love, about this car is the “shittiness” of its interior. It just reeks of the worst of mid-90s Ford build quality. I mean the thought of spending over $300k on a car and then being handed one of those awful plastic keys is both sad and hilarious. This car deserved a lot better, but it’s got what you want where it really counts. Truth be told, the Shelby Series 1 is very much “of its era” and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Enjoy the gallery, and read more on the car here.

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Ford GT at the Philadelphia Auto Show

Ford GT Philly 3

The new Ford GT is a striking automobile. There’s no way to downplay the effect its design has on your senses. It’s beautiful and a spaceship at the same time, and it has taken supercar design to the next level.

We got to check this one out at the Philly Auto Show. Enjoy!

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The New Bullitt Mustang at the Philly Auto Show

Ford Mustang Bullitt S550 Philly

Bullitt Mustangs are badass tributes to a fairly boring Steve McQueen movie that happened to have an epic (and real) car chase. Special edition Bullitt have generally just been dark green versions of a standard Mustang, but this new S550 does pack a little extra punch under the hood, to the tune of 475hp over the standard model’s 460hp. That’s only around 10% down from the mighty GT350.

It’s pretty impressive, and I must say I do love the look in dark green. Thumbs up!


Ford GT: The Half-a-Million Dollar Question

With the release of press all over the internet and the first cars making their way into customer hands, the hype surrounding the new Ford GT is at maximum right now. The first 500 owners of the total 1,000 cars have been selected by Ford, with the next round of selections coming in a few months time.

The big question everyone seems to be asking is, is the Ford GT worth the $500,000 asking price? Those already on the list certainly hope so, and those who will apply for the second half of production are frantically trying to figure it out.

I was very skeptical when I first heard Ford was going to charge over $400,000 for the new GT. But I also expected the general formula for the car would be similar to that of the previous car, just updated for 2018. What has become abundantly clear, though, is that Ford has taken a totally fresh approach in developing the new GT, and that does change some things.

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What American Muscle Car would I buy on a $15k budget?

$15,000 is an interesting price point if you’re looking for a solid muscle car. You can have most of the early-mid 2000’s contenders with reasonable miles on them, or you can have one of the newer 400+hp options with higher miles.

I’m more on the high performance side of things, rather than wanting a muscle car for the style just to cruise in. I do intend to do burnouts, I do intend to explore the car’s high speed capabilities, and I do expect it to handle corners competently. Also, there is no such thing as a muscle car with 4 or 6 cylinders, so 8 cylinders is a given here. Lastly, a manual transmission is a must for me. This is a car to be driven, not an outfit to wear.

I should also state up front that I am pretty much non-partisan when it comes to American Muscle cars or American car brands. I know there are those who live and die by Ford, GM, or Mopar, and for them the $15k choice is a lot simpler.

My top 3 options for a $15,000 muscle car are as follows…

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