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The Lamborghini Urus is pretty bitchin’ in the right spec

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I know I said I was iffy on the new Lamborghini Urus, and I still maintain it’s an Audi in Lamborghini clothes. That said, these are some pretty sweet clothes Lamborghini has fitted to this corporate SUV platform. I’ve been playing around with the Urus configurator, and I’m pretty stoked about the spec you see here. I think the metallic brown paint in contrast with the bright green accents and interior gives the Urus a badass off-roader, yet distinctively Lamborghini, look.




Villain’s Vehicles: Pablo Escobar in his Porsche 935

 photo Pablo Escobar Porsche 935.jpg

When you’re the biggest drug kingpin on Earth, netting over $500,000 per day into your personal bank accounts, you may find it hard to figure out how to spend your money once you’ve bought everything you’d ever dreamt of… and more.

Pablo had this problem back in his day. In addition to importing exotic wild animals, hiring a private army to invade his county’s capital so he could have a law changed, and assassinating presidential candidates, Pablo also had a special affinity for Porsches. He collected hundreds of other cars as well, but there are many photos of him driving Porsche racing cars specifically. This Porsche 935 was quite a prize back then, and maybe even more so today. I bet he drove it on the public road too – I mean, who was going to tell him he couldn’t?

I’m not sure what became of this particular 935. Most of Escobar’s car collection was destroyed once he was on the run, and his properties were seized by the people who were trying to kill him. The cars were a symbol of Pablo’s arrogant excess, so destroying them was a prime way to send a message to the King of Coke that his days were numbered.

I think this is such a sick photo, though. Right up there with my other favorite Pablo pic.


Make sure you never get a raise again with this ’03 Maserati Spyder for Just $19,995!!!

Used Maserati Spyder

Does your boss drive a nice car after working hard for years and years climbing the career ladder? Well now it’s time to beat them at life while you’re still lower-middle management!

Just imagine the look on their face when you pull up next to them, 5 minutes late, in your shiny new (to you) Maserati Spyder. Sure, they may have paid the full $80,000 on their brand new generic Audi or Mercedes, but theirs doesn’t say “Maserati” on it like your new chariot does.

What’s more, this pleasure of showing up your superiors comes at a price of JUST $19,995. You can’t even get a Honda Civic with a pleather interior for that much, but you can get this 170 mph Italian stallion. With its sporty paddle shifters, you’ll be driving around like Mario Andretti!

Okay, maybe there are other cars out there that get more than 10 MPG. And maybe there are other cars where 30,000 miles isn’t considered “high mileage” from a servicing standpoint. Maybe a Honda dealer wouldn’t charge $500 for an oil change. And maybe everything in a Civic would still work 6 months after you bought it.

So what?

Do you really want to wait until you’ve proven yourself to have the status you already know you deserve?

Why go through all that crap when instant gratification is right at your fingertips? Just do it!

Fitty Cent drives a Maserati, and now you can too!

By purchasing this sleek pasta-rocket, you’re taking the short cut to the top in life. Successful people will treat you as one of their own, and all the losers from your high school will be super jelly on Facebook and Instagram.

Life is all about scoring points, so go for the grand slam!

Used Maserati Rear Used Maserati Interior Used Maserati Side

How Would You Have It? 2016 Porsche 911 Carrera S (It’s Turbo Time!)

2016 Porsche 911 Carrera S Miami Blue

So the new Porsche 911 Carrera models now come with turbochargers, but Porsche also used the occasion to debut this incredible new color, Miami Blue (so ’80s!).

I wanted to see how the change had affected the real, out-the-door prices, so I figured it’d be good for a price game.

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The Price Game: Mets Extra Edition!

It’s late July. You’ve just gotten back from the latest business meeting, and the Mets traded for Cespedes today. You’ve got five hundred bucks burning a hole in your pocket, and a friend says, Odds are 100-1 on the Mets being in first place within a week of the trade. And because you won the bet, you’ve got $500,000 to spend on some cars. But, since you work full time, you’d better buy one car for each day of your work week. New cars and used are allowed–but used cars need to be within 200 miles of Central Jersey. Here’s the answers, both from me, and from Nick. Continue reading The Price Game: Mets Extra Edition!

Price Game: One Car for Each Day of the Week on a $1 Million Budget

It’s time for the Price Game! So here’s the scenario. You’ve just won the lottery, but you’re being smart with the money. You want to buy every car in sight, but you know a few million doesn’t go that far these days, so better to invest most of it and keep the money coming in over time. To quench your spending thirst, you set aside an even $1,000,000 to play around with, and set your garage up in a manner that befits the new you.

There is also another catch, though. You want to be sure that you actually use all of the cars you buy on a weekly basis, so you elect to by exactly seven cars to play with… one for each day of the week.

So, going around to the various car-selling websites, how would you fill your seven garage slots?

Give your picks in the comments, and check out our selections below!

Nick’s Picks:
2014 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta – $355,000
Front-engine V12 Ferraris are my favorite, and the F12 Berlinetta is the latest, and in many ways the greatest. It is the epitome of modern supercar technology, packaged as a Grand Touring car, but with insane supercar performance.
 photo Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 11.01.19 PM.png


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For $6,800, Would You Buy An Elio or Something Else?

Elio Motors Price Game

Our article on Elio Motors has been getting some decent buzz, and it’s inspired me to do a special, Elio Motors edition price game.

This is just for fun, but it’s also meant to illustrate the reality of the Elio’s $6,800 price. There are no other brand new cars even close to that range, and there sure as hell isn’t anything that will touch 80 MPG.

But with all that said, pretend you have $6,800 ready to spend. Do you buy yourself an Elio? Or do you scour the used car classifieds and find something a little faster or more practical?

See our picks below, and share yours in the comments…

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Configurator Fun: Ferrari FF

Ferrari FF Configurator

I’ve always loved the Ferrari FF. I think it’s shooting brake design is ideal for a luxury grand tourer, and it’s all wheel drive bodes well for its purpose. I mean, why shouldn’t you be able to go skiing in your Ferrari?

I decided for this week to play around with the Ferrari FF, and see how I’d configure mine. I’ve always loved the four seat Ferraris in Tour de France Blue, so I went with that over a Brown and tan two tone interior. I also fitted a few carbon fiber accents around the car, namely on the steering wheel and the wheel center caps.

Ferrari doesn’t “do” pricing on their website, because if you have to ask, then you can’t afford it. Hey, lets all just be grateful that Ferrari even has a Configurator for us pleabs to fool around with.

All I can say when looking at my digital Ferrari FF is, “I’d so rock that, if it were real!” One day…

Lets see your Ferrari FFs!


Configurator Fun: Mercedes GLA45 AMG

Mercedes GLA45 AMG Configured

The Mercedes GLA45 AMG is basically the luxury rally-ish car of your dreams. That is to say it’s a small all wheel drive car with nimble handling that has a  turbocharged 4-banger which puts out entirely too much power. Yea, I know all about the CLA45 AMG, but I’d rather have this thing with the added suspension travel.

The base price of the GLA45 AMG is $48,300

Mine cost $63,350 spec’d out how I’d want it.

I saw a GLA45 in brown with the brown interior at Pebble Beach this summer, so I had to go with that. I love that you don’t usually see such a combo on an AMG.

As far as options, I got the carbon fiber aero package, but without the ricey spoiler that I hate. I also forwent the Driver Assistance Package, where the car basically drives for you, because I can drive myself, thank you very much.

I did spring for the Premium Package and the AMG Driver’s Package for the nice features they include, as well as the Panorama Sunroof.

So that’s the GLA45 AMG that I’d have. Feel free to configure your own here, and share in the comments. I’d love to see what you all come up with!


Santa’s 12 Cars Of Christmas Game

Santa Car
Happy Holidays to everyone!
To celebrate, we are going to play a little game. Santa is going to give you 12 cars, any 12 cars you can think of, but there’s a catch. You must keep these 12 cars for the rest of your life. You cannot sell them, and you cant buy other cars ever again. So these 12 vehicles will need to cover every task you want to do in your life. But the good news is that Santa will enchant each of the cars so that they will never break down or need any maintenance (other than refueling).
So what 12 cars would you pick?
Our answers are below. Feel free to post yours in the comments!

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Our Picks, the $40,000 question

In today’s market, $40,000 marks a sort of barrier between “normal” cars and “luxury” cars. You can basically find any sort of car for under $40 grand, so it can be argued that nobody needs to spend more than that unless they’re interested in fluff. It is a realistic budget for many middle class Americans, and that is why we have chosen to kick off our new “Our Picks” segment with it.

We will give our picks for two $40,000 budget scenarios, one as an only car, and the other as a second car. We will also give our second choices for each. Keep in mind, this is how we would spend our own money, with our rather discerning tastes in cars, and not necessarily our recommendations for more average buyers.

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What would you buy for the price of a Lamborghini Veneno Roadster? Well, this is what Al thinks of that.

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster Price Game

Nick’s gotten his posts up, so I’m going to show you what I think. Four and a half million dollars. I”m going to say that again. FOUR AND A HALF MILLION DOLLARS. I can’t even imagine that amount of cash fitting in a standard sized suitcase. The Veneno’s nice and all, and it is a tantalizing machine…but I can’t justify that price. It’s got the Aventador’s engine and a body kit (I know I’m oversimplifying things here). That’s enough for a house and a good number of very nice cars. However, this is about just cars, and the 24 cars listed below will do the trick perfectly for me. There’s a lot of overlap and a few of these cars are probably better off as trailer queens, but I plan on driving what I picked, whether it be to the grocery store, the track, or to work. There’s 24 cars here, and I’ve got a reason for choosing each of them. Here we go! Continue reading What would you buy for the price of a Lamborghini Veneno Roadster? Well, this is what Al thinks of that.