Villain’s Vehicles: Pablo Escobar in his Porsche 935

 photo Pablo Escobar Porsche 935.jpg

When you’re the biggest drug kingpin on Earth, netting over $500,000 per day into your personal bank accounts, you may find it hard to figure out how to spend your money once you’ve bought everything you’d ever dreamt of… and more.

Pablo had this problem back in his day. In addition to importing exotic wild animals, hiring a private army to invade his county’s capital so he could have a law changed, and assassinating presidential candidates, Pablo also had a special affinity for Porsches. He collected hundreds of other cars as well, but there are many photos of him driving Porsche racing cars specifically. This Porsche 935 was quite a prize back then, and maybe even more so today. I bet he drove it on the public road too – I mean, who was going to tell him he couldn’t?

I’m not sure what became of this particular 935. Most of Escobar’s car collection was destroyed once he was on the run, and his properties were seized by the people who were trying to kill him. The cars were a symbol of Pablo’s arrogant excess, so destroying them was a prime way to send a message to the King of Coke that his days were numbered.

I think this is such a sick photo, though. Right up there with my other favorite Pablo pic.



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