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A Beautiful Ferrari 488 Spider Spotted in Greenwich, CT

Ferrari 488 Spider Greenwich 2

White over red is an extremely classy color combo on a Ferrari. It’s not as vulgar and audacious as the classic red, but the red leather interior still gives a nod to the marquee’s heritage.

This 488 is a truly immaculate machine. Enjoy!

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Ferrari F50 at Cars and Caffe

Ferrari F50 Cars and Caffe 2

One of the hypercars present at Cars and Caffe was this red Ferrari F50. Once the ultimate Italian stallion, it may remain the ultimate analog Ferrari roadcar of all time. Long before the luxurious and technological frills of modern hypercars, the F50 was literally just 2 seats strapped to the V12 engine from an F1 car wrapped in a swoopy body with a big old wing. You had to physically shift your own gears, and there was no radio, no sound deadening, and the engine was actually a stressed member of the chassis itself so every vibration became a part of you on a deeply personal level.

They sure as hell don’t make them like this anymore.

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Ferrari California T Review: Is It Sweeter Secondhand?

Ferrari California T Review 16There is something extra-remarkable about the Ferrari brand. It’s more of an exclusive lifestyle club than just a car company at this point. The car is merely your ticket to join, but all Ferraris are not created equal.

The Ferrari California T bears the burden of being the entry-level member of this most exclusive club. It’ll get you in the door, but that’s about it. It is the low man on the totem pole, and in this world of elitist snobbery, many enjoy looking down on that. But you know what? If we can cast aside the country club mentality for a minute, the California T was, in many ways, the best real-world package Ferrari made. And now that it’s being replaced by the Portofino, the California T is one of the best value grand touring cars you can buy.

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I’ve finished my LEGO Ferrari F40

Lego Ferrari F40 12

This is one of those gifts I had wanted, but couldn’t justify buying for myself as a young professional trying to spend money on ‘real’ things. My girlfriend, Gab, knew I wanted the LEGO Ferrari F40, though, and her Mom went over and above for my birthday and surprised me with it. Needless to say, I was quite surprised, and I got excited like I did back when I was a kid. I thought it was clothes because the box was a similar shape, but it was a LEGO Ferrari. SO AWESOME!

It took me a week or two to put it together, and I was astounded by LEGO’s attention to detail. I have a diecast model of an F40 to compare, and they really did account for everything.

Once finished, I figured I’d take some decent photos of it, like I would a real car. Enjoy!

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Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona at Hopewell Cruise Night

Ferrari 365 GTB-4 Daytona Hopewell NJ 1

This incredible yellow Ferrari Daytona shows up every so often at car events in NJ. I’ve come across it a few times now, dating back to my childhood and it has mesmerized me every single time.

I love it because it really gets driven by its owner. This is a horse that gets to run, and that’s how it should be.

PS: Don’t you just love how Miami Vice that cover photo is? It just worked out that way.


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1958 Ferrari 250 Tour de France at Hershey

Ferrari 250 TDF Hershey 2

Similar to the modern F12 TDF, the 250 Tour de France was the hardcore version of the Ferrari 250 grand touring lineup in the late 1950s. The difference was that 250 TDFs were actually built for competition in the biggest races of their day, such as the Mille Miglia. This was literally a road-going GT car turned into a full-on racecar, rather than “just” a more focused track day car like the modern F12. The world has changed a lot since the 1950s, though, as you could actually drive most racecars on public roads back then. I just love the idea that you could drive this 250 TDF to the race, compete flat-out, and then drive the car home afterward (if it was still in one piece).

Also, road or racing, the 250 TDF makes it look so damn good…

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The other catastrophically green machine at Cars and Caffe, a Ferrari F12 TDF

Green Ferrari F12 TDF at Garden State Plaza 1

There were two #GreenAF exotics at Cars and Caffe this year. One was the Porsche 918 featured earlier this week, and the other was this other-worldly Ferrari F12 TDF. What a green!

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This dark gray LaFerrari was lurking at the Scarsdale Concours

LaFerrari Scarsdale 11

I haven’t been genuinely excited to sit in a car in quite a while, but certain cars still bring out that same childish excitement. The owners of this sinister gray LaFerrari were nice enough to let people sit in their $3.5 million dollar holy grail of a car. It made every kid’s day, and even some of us who used to be kids.

The LaFerrari rolled in late and it absolutely stole the show, like it had its own gravitational pull or something. Gray is not that flashy of a color, but the car’s low dark shape moving through the crowd made everyone do a double take before they realized exactly what it was.

Sitting in the LaFerrari feels a lot different from sitting in a 488, more like the cockpit of a fighter jet than the cabin of a car. Everything seems tighter, and more focused. I was kind of surprised, but then again, you wouldn’t want your seven figure Ferrari to feel exactly the same as your six figure Ferrari now, would you?

This was actually the third LaFerrari we saw that day. It was the only one at Scarsdale, but there were two that were trucked in for the meet at Garden State Plaza in NJ. The owner of this gray LaFerrari actually drove his car to and from the show, so by that alone he’s infinitely cooler in my book. Let alone the fact that he and his wife let people sit in it. This is hypercar ownership done right, and all you stingy billionaires should take notes.

Enjoy this gallery of THE Ferrari.

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Some Highlights from Cars and Caffe at Garden State Plaza

Porsche Carrera GTs at Garden State Plaza

Cars and Caffe at Garden State Plaza was incredible yesterday. I hadn’t been before, and I didn’t really expect it to be quite as big an event as it was. There were thousands of people, and hundreds of cars, many of which were top-tier hypercars. The Holy Trinity was in attendance, as well as 2 Paganis, 4 or 5 Carrera GTs, an F50, Ben Chen’s Panda Bugatti, and Team Salamone’s incredible Avantador SV. Also of note, I finally got to see my first Callaway C12 Corvette in person, after having the AutoArt model on my shelf for years.

There were some great sights and sounds throughout the day, and I was blown away with the turnout. It’s kind of crazy to see people rolling up in a cars like a Ferrari 488 and barely being noticed. The rest of the parking lot was a sea of Ferraris, McLarens, Lamborghinis, and Porsches. I will definitely plan on attending the events next year, and I urge everyone in the Tri-State Area to do the same.

Enjoy these highlights. There’s a lot more to come!

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Highlights from Driven By Purpose’s New York Harbor Iconic Event

Bugatti Veyron SS NYC

Driven By Purpose hosted their New York Harbor Iconic Event this past weekend, benefitting Make-A-Wish New Jersey. This capped off a wonderful weekend my girlfriend had in Jersey City / NYC. She works for Make-A-Wish and I volunteer at many of the larger events, which (obviously) can have some perks.

Some really incredible cars showed up, and the scenery of Manhattan at Liberty State Park was totally breathtaking. I’m really looking forward to next year’s event, which is supposed to be even bigger and even better.

Enjoy this highlight gallery, there’s a lot more where this came from.

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