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Ferrari F12 with some awesome wheels at Concorso Ferrari


I love when wheels are done just right. Different enough to be distinctive, but well short of tacky. This Ferrari F12 had a perfect look in my opinion, and it was the wheels that tied it all together.

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Jay Leno drivers the Admiral’s blue Ferrari Mondial

We had the pleasure of seeing this car and having a nice chat with the Amiral a few years back at Radnor Hunt. It’s a very unique and striking Ferrari with some unbelievable stories.



Ferrari F12 next to a Prius in Greenwich, CT


Like Yin and Yang in perfect harmony, the fast and ostentatious Ferrari F12 sat side by side with the slow and humble Toyota Prius. Two very different lifestyles met to attend the same festival of Automobillia, the Greenwich Concours.

It’s a lovely place.


Ferrari 488 and Alfa Giulia QV spotted in West Hartford, CT


Here’s a nice combo spot. Both are Italian, both are white, and both are turbocharged monstrosities. The 488, in particular, was quite loud, definitely modified. This is why we sat outside for lunch and it paid off.


A very rare manual Ferrari 575M in Verde Zeltweg at Concorso Ferrari


This extremely rare example of a Ferrari 575M was one of my highlights from Concorso Ferrari this year. Dressed in Verde Zeltweg (dark green) over a rich tan interior it is a very unconventional spec for a Ferrari. It also happens to have a stick shift instead of flappy paddles, a major win as things have turned out in terms of value.

I’m a huge fan of uncommon color combinations on Ferraris, especially on the front engine GT cars. The classier, more understated look suits the continent-crossers very well, and the richness of this 575M’s specification was incredible.

This is pretty close to ideal. Enjoy.

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Highlights from Concorso Ferrari & Friend


The man himself, Horacio Pagani was in attendance for this year’s Concorso Ferrari & Friends. You can see him in the photo above, pulling off in a beautiful Huayra Roadster. It was unreal!

We made the 3 hour drive up to West Hartford because the buzz around this show was insane. Mr. Pagani’s attendance heralded the presence of most of the Pagani automobiles currently in the Northeastern USA. There were eight Pagani Huayras at this show, making this the largest assembly of Paganis I’ve laid eyes on since I visited their factory back in 2004.

There were also a ton of other incredible machines there, and the kids looked absolutely thrilled when they were riding in the cars (the big spectacle of the day).

Enjoy the highlights. There’s much more to come!

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1950 Ferrari 195 S by Vignale at the Greenwich Concours


This has to be one of the most beautiful vintage Ferraris I’ve ever laid eyes on. The two-tone color scheme was as much about its textural differences as it was the contrast of the colors, giving this 195 S a depth of detail that you seldom see.

This is one of those cars that is a literal work of rolling art. Enjoy the gallery.

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Highlight Preview from the 2018 Greenwich Concours


We’ve just returned from a fantastic weekend at the Greenwich Concours d’Elegance. We saw some amazing cars and had a few great drives as well.

There is a lot more to come from this weekend, so stay tuned. Here is a preview gallery to hold you over. Enjoy!

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Jay Leno Drive’s 1972 Dino Monza 3.6 Evo (Think Singer 911 for Ferraris)

It’s a Dino that’s been totally overhauled, and under the hood is a naturally aspirated version of the V8 from the F40, bored out to 3.6L, making around 400hp.

This really is the stuff dreams are made of…. and I’m talking the wettest kind.7