Make sure you never get a raise again with this ’03 Maserati Spyder for Just $19,995!!!

Used Maserati Spyder

Does your boss drive a nice car after working hard for years and years climbing the career ladder? Well now it’s time to beat them at life while you’re still lower-middle management!

Just imagine the look on their face when you pull up next to them, 5 minutes late, in your shiny new (to you) Maserati Spyder. Sure, they may have paid the full $80,000 on their brand new generic Audi or Mercedes, but theirs doesn’t say “Maserati” on it like your new chariot does.

What’s more, this pleasure of showing up your superiors comes at a price of JUST $19,995. You can’t even get a Honda Civic with a pleather interior for that much, but you can get this 170 mph Italian stallion. With its sporty paddle shifters, you’ll be driving around like Mario Andretti!

Okay, maybe there are other cars out there that get more than 10 MPG. And maybe there are other cars where 30,000 miles isn’t considered “high mileage” from a servicing standpoint. Maybe a Honda dealer wouldn’t charge $500 for an oil change. And maybe everything in a Civic would still work 6 months after you bought it.

So what?

Do you really want to wait until you’ve proven yourself to have the status you already know you deserve?

Why go through all that crap when instant gratification is right at your fingertips? Just do it!

Fitty Cent drives a Maserati, and now you can too!

By purchasing this sleek pasta-rocket, you’re taking the short cut to the top in life. Successful people will treat you as one of their own, and all the losers from your high school will be super jelly on Facebook and Instagram.

Life is all about scoring points, so go for the grand slam!

Used Maserati Rear Used Maserati Interior Used Maserati Side


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