Configurator Fun: Mercedes GLA45 AMG

Mercedes GLA45 AMG Configured

The Mercedes GLA45 AMG is basically the luxury rally-ish car of your dreams. That is to say it’s a small all wheel drive car with nimble handling that has a  turbocharged 4-banger which puts out entirely too much power. Yea, I know all about the CLA45 AMG, but I’d rather have this thing with the added suspension travel.

The base price of the GLA45 AMG is $48,300

Mine cost $63,350 spec’d out how I’d want it.

I saw a GLA45 in brown with the brown interior at Pebble Beach this summer, so I had to go with that. I love that you don’t usually see such a combo on an AMG.

As far as options, I got the carbon fiber aero package, but without the ricey spoiler that I hate. I also forwent the Driver Assistance Package, where the car basically drives for you, because I can drive myself, thank you very much.

I did spring for the Premium Package and the AMG Driver’s Package for the nice features they include, as well as the Panorama Sunroof.

So that’s the GLA45 AMG that I’d have. Feel free to configure your own here, and share in the comments. I’d love to see what you all come up with!



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