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How about a Porsche Cayman with a Ford Coyote V8 Swap?

Matt Farah shows us this crazy custom Porsche.


Today I’m Thankful For This Rauh-Welt Porsche

RWB Porsche 993 Philly 1

Rauh-Welt Begriff, it sounds like something German, but it’s actually the passionate work of a Japanese man named Akira Nakai. He’s built hundreds of these jaw-dropping Porsches, each of them by eye and by hand. They’re all unique.

This green RWB 993 was built by Akira Nakai here, in the Philadelphia area. His client, a young man who worked hard to save up to make his dream a reality, actually had him fly over from Japan and spend a few weeks building the car right in his family’s garage. The whole incredible build was documented in the short film below.

This is only the second RWB Porsche I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in person, and it absolutely stole the show for me at First Class Fitment this year. It is an incredible work of automotive art. It’s Thanksgiving day here, in the USA, and today I’m thankful for people like Akira Nakai, who use their deep passion to create such magnificent things.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Eat, drink, and be merry, but first check out the rest of this gallery, and be sure to watch the video.

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Modified Lamborghini Huracan at First Class Fitment

Slammed Lamborghini Huracan 2

This very red Lamborghini Huracan was one of the stars of the show at First Class Fitment this year. It was a bit slammed, and a little stanced, but just the right amount of each. The Huracan, in general, looks like a spaceship, but the mods on this one made it look even more out of this world.

I caught it on the road as it was leaving the show, as well. If it was cool in the show, surrounded by other amazing cars, out in traffic, surrounded by normal cars, it looked absolutely unreal.


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Ever Wonder What a 520hp LS3-swapped ND Miata Would Be Like?

This is Flyin Miata’s full LS3 V8 package for the ND Mazda Miata. It costs around $75,000 total, but you get 520hp in a happy car the size of a thimble. Matt Farah, of The Smoking Tire, got to take it for a spin.

Seems like a total riot!


Jalopnik Goes to H2oi, America’s Most Ticketed Car Show

We have yet to make it down to H2Oi in Ocean City, MD, but it’s surely on our list, hopefully for next year. The crew over at Jalopnik made it down this year, though, and they made a great video showing the scene, and how the Police just have a total field day during the event.