Modified Lamborghini Huracan at First Class Fitment

Slammed Lamborghini Huracan 2

This very red Lamborghini Huracan was one of the stars of the show at First Class Fitment this year. It was a bit slammed, and a little stanced, but just the right amount of each. The Huracan, in general, looks like a spaceship, but the mods on this one made it look even more out of this world.

I caught it on the road as it was leaving the show, as well. If it was cool in the show, surrounded by other amazing cars, out in traffic, surrounded by normal cars, it looked absolutely unreal.


Slammed Lamborghini Huracan 1
Slammed Lamborghini Huracan 5 Slammed Lamborghini Huracan 3
Slammed Lamborghini Huracan 4

-Nick Walker


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