Hershey Elegance 1907 Buick Roadster

Highlights From Hershey Part 1

Hershey Elegance Daimler

We visited The Elegance At Hershey this past weekend out in Hershey, PA. There were many beautiful cars in attendance, but the swoopy 1948 Daimler you see above won Best in Show. This was my second time seeing that particular car. It won Best in Show a few years back in Detroit, and it stunned me just as hard this time around.

This is the first Gallery of highlights from the show, with much more to come.


Hershey Elegance Ferrari 275 GTB
Hershey Elegance 1907 Buick Roadster
Hershey Elegance Duesenberg Model SJ
Hershey Elegance Bizzarrini 5300
Hershey Elegance Duesenberg Model J Interior
Hershey Elegance BMW 507
Hershey Elegance Pierce Arrow Hood Ornament

-Nick Walker


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