1985 Toyota Corolla AE86 Sprinter Trueno spotted in Somerset, NJ

Initial D Hachi Roku Front 1

Last weekend down the street from my office, AnimeNEXT was in full swing. After a few drinks with a former manager of mine, I headed home, oblivious to the increasing levels of traffic (and the havoc it would create on the local streets of Franklin Township, NJ). As I approached the Crowne Plaza just before the intersection with Easton Avenue, a small hatchback with black wheels and white paint caught my eye.

Initial D Hachi Roku Rear

Anyone over the age of 25 who likes cars and has an idea of what anime is will know what Initial D is. That manga revolved around a teenager who delivers tofu in his dad’s Corolla AE86, which he uses to rise the ranks of the drifting and racing community in Gunma, Japan. This one’s a 1985 model and it’s a JDM-spec car (note the right-hand-drive configuration)–but even better, it’s been done up to look just like the AE86 in the manga series. It took me a second to figure out exactly why it was here last week, but when I remembered it was AnimeNEXT (and saw a guy in a Speed Racer getup outside the hotel the next afternoon), it all came together. What a great way to express your love for anime, especially if you’re into cars. Enjoy the photos.

Initial D Hachi Roku Wheel and Trim

Initial D Hachi Roku Front 2

-Albert S. Davis


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