Like a Fighter Jet on Wheels

I spent some time in this C7 Corvette Grand Sport yesterday. From my experiences so far, this is my ideal Corvette, right down to the Black over Red “Black Widow” spec. Manual transmission, of course.

Put simply, it’s like driving an F16 on public roads. The cabin feels much more like a cockpit than the average car’s interior, and it’s low and wide wedge shape looks nothing at all like a normal car. People know it’s a Vette, though, and it got me admiration from homeless guys and cops alike.

It’s also quite fighter jet like it it’s performance, with explosive acceleration and a whole lot of roar out the back. With close to 500hp, the N/A LT1 V8 is no slouch at all in a ~3500lb car. I never found myself yearning for the extra 200hp in a Z06… and yes, I’ve driven one of those too. On the public road, the Grand Sport can get you in trouble plenty fast enough, for me at least.

It’s a very physical and engaging experience to drive with the manual gearbox – it’s precise, but it requires a good shove, and that’s quite satisfying. I love the American muscle experience, and the AWE Touring Edition exhaust unlocks so much more aural experience than the stock exhaust. I took her through a tunnel, and it was pure V8 ecstasy.

I also love how well the Vette is set up dynamically. It’s a proper driver’s car with great steering, balanced handling, and huge grip from some big meaty tires. It feels fast in a very old school kinda way, despite having the modern magnetic shocks. This is a car that will absolutely light your world on fire if you’re looking for thrills on your day off.

This GS represents the pinnacle of the traditional Corvette formula that ends with the C7. The C8 is coming, and it will be different. So a manual GS is also a pretty good financial idea as well right now. It’s damn good, and it isn’t being replaced. Helluva car!



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