A Supercar with Massaging Seats, the BMW F90 M5

The BMW F90 M5 is like the Millennium Falcon. It’s big and can haul lots of cargo, it has lots of extra features and tech, and it’s also the fastest ship in the galaxy.

Sure there are actually faster cars, but faster sedans from the factory? Not really. Look up the specs and you’ll find that this M5 Competition slays even the mighty Charger Hellcat in all real-world-relevant acceleration tests including the 1/4 mile. It’s also right with the Tesla P100D by the 1/4 mile and it’s top-end performance will trounce that of the Tesla. It is actually supercar fast, with 0-60 happening in 2.8 sec, 0-100 in 6.6 sec (same as an Enzo), the 1/4 in 10.9 @ 129mph, and 150mph comes in just 15.9 sec (all tested numbers by other publications). It just doesn’t stop, certainly not anywhere within reason on public roads.

I had a blast trying out the performance in this car whenever I had the room, but it was also unnerving because it accelerates so quickly and so relentlessly that you can’t really look out for police or other hazards that may lurk up ahead past a certain point. Make no mistake, if you stay on the gas in this car for more than a couple seconds, it’s going to be a BIG number if you get caught. The M5 is silly fast.

It’s also quite engaging in its sportiest settings, with a nice crisp feel from the drivetrain, sharp connected steering, and a ridiculously well-planted chassis, especially now with AWD. The M5 feels solid as ever.

The craziest part about it, though, is how plush and luxurious it is. I was having a lovely massage during my entire drive, and it has every luxury feature you could want in a modern car. This is a supercar without compromise, and it’s surely the optimal Autobahn missile.

The F90 is a big step up from the F10. Despite adding AWD, the F90 actually still looses 200lbs off the F10’s heft. At around 4,200lbs, the M5 is a relative lightweight in its class.

My drive consisted of highway, interchanges with curvy off ramps, and a few quiet side roads. I took advantage of any room I had, and had a couple very solid runs, but otherwise traffic was pretty heavy and I spent time enjoying the massage and the bangin’ stereo.

So I tried the M5’s various abilities, and it excelled everywhere!



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