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Spotted! a vintage Volkswagen Beetle, Jerome, AZ

Volkswagen Beetle

Jerome, Arizona is a small town that sits up on a mountain. It is a classic wild west sort of place, turned tourist destination. My family and I regularly visit when we are in the area, and I am always delighted at the number of old car that seem to be scattered around the town. This time around I came across this Volkswagen Beetle. It seemed to have just the right level of patina, and was parked in a spot that would make for some interesting pictures, so I took these shots. Enjoy. Continue reading Spotted! a vintage Volkswagen Beetle, Jerome, AZ

Woodward Dream Cruise: BMW Isetta 600 V8 Hot Rod

BMW Isetta V8 Hot Rod

Yes, this is a little BMW Isetta 600 with a supercharged V8 strapped to the back of it. I saw this car a few times over the course of my summer in Detroit, Michigan, and it was a showstopper every time. I finally caught up with the owner at the Woodward Dream Cruise, and he was hppy to tell me about the car. From what I can remember it has a supercharged Rover V8 and puts down around 300rwhp. That is a staggering amount for such a small car, and even more staggering for those tiny tires. The owner said he doesn’t really drive it fast because it cannot handle well with all that rearward weight, but as a cruiser it turns more heads than anything on the road. Obviously this BMW hot rod is completely unique, with custom airbrushing on top of its custom mechanical setup. This is just a fun car all around, and it was awesome to see in person. Enjoy the gallery.

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Some psychedelic car pictures I made

Ford Rat Rod

I’ve always loved trippy things, so I decided to turn a few of my photos into some psychedelic car art. I used different approaches for each of them, so the distortion varies, but I’m pretty happy with how they all came out. Let me know what you think in the comments, and there may be more to come in the future. Enjoy.

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Singer 911, the perfect Porsche

Drive’s Chris Harris goes to Singer in California to see their bespoke built Porsche 911 and what goes into making it. The idea behind Singer’s car is that they have taken all of the best parts from every 911, and put them all into one car in an effort to make the perfect Porsche. All of the details are discussed in the video, but all I can say after watching it is “What a car!!!”. Yet another machine to add to my list should I win the Lottery. Enjoy.


Spotted! Subaru Wagon, Jerusalem, Israel

While on a two-week trip to Israel, I spotted this breathtaking Subaru station wagon on the very first day of the trip in Jerusalem’s impromptu art district not far away from the main market.  Normally such a car would not attract my attention (in fact, these wagons are everywhere in Jerusalem) but after a few seconds looking at this one, I bet anyone will agree that this is one special Subaru art car.  It seems to be a case of “make a garden out of the car”.  My compliments to the owner, who is on the left in the photo after the jump. Continue reading Spotted! Subaru Wagon, Jerusalem, Israel